Shame on Delhi Government

Today’s incidence in which five school girls got killed due to a stampede in Delhi Govt school shocked not only people of Delhi but also people of whole India. It is very difficult to believe that such kinds of incidences can take place in national capital of India. There are many theories behind this incidence and it looks that Delhi government do not want to go deep in to this matter and punish culprit; therefore, Delhi government has not initiated any action against those boys who were involved in eve teasing which caused this stampede as told by numbers of eye witness girls themselves.

Delhi government has given three days to its officials to file report on this matter and it has announced 1 Lakh rupees compensation for girls killed in this incidence and 50 thousand rupees compensation for girls got injured in this incidence. It looks that responsibility of Delhi government stops with these announcements and it does not want to fix any moral responsibility. This incidence could be easily avoided if school principal had not taken wrong decision of calling both shift of boys and girls on same time for exams because this school runs in two shifts (morning shift for girls and evening shift for boys).

Delhi government makes many claims about progress of people and especially women in Delhi; however, today’s incidence is telling a different story. Delhi govt schools need immediate help from government because these school lack basic facilities required by students. However; in Gandhi’s nation education and specially education for poor children has taken back seat. It is very shameful incidence for any government in India and it is even more shameful when it is matter of capital of India. Hopefully, Delhi government will learn some lessons from this episode and it will provide all facilities to poor girl students who want to complete their dreams through education.
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