List of Shani Mantras (Read and Chant)

Below, people can find list of main six mantras related of Shani Dev, a powerful India God. All these mantras are very powerful and they can provide great reward to people who chant regularly these mantras. These mantras also save people from Shani Dosha. People can start chanting these mantras regularly for 11, 21, 108 times or as desired by people to get benefit of these mantras. In Hindi religions, Mantras are considered as powerful source of energy and bless; therefore, millions of people in India chant numbers of mantras regularly.

List of Mantras -
1) "Om Hlim Sham Shanaye Namah"

2) "Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah"

3) "Om sham shanayscharaya namaha"

4) "Aum Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum"

5) (Shani Gayatri Mantra)-
"Om Sanaischaraya vidhmahe
Sooryaputraya dhimahi
tanno manda prachodayat"

6) (Shani Dhyan Mantra)-
Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam
chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam

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