Life is Now

There is strange and common tendency in all of us that we search for life somewhere else and not in present (now). We either love to live in past or tomorrow but we very rarely give attention to living life in present (Now). Actually, life only belongs to now and present. Past is past and it is dead long ago. Future is unseen and nobody can predict it. Therefore, it is totally wrong to waste our energy on these two parts of times.

Only Now belongs to us and it also moves very fast; as we try to get hold of present it becomes past. Very intense concentration is required to catch up with present and live it truly. It is truly a blissful state when we learn to live in present; otherwise it is totally misery to live in past or future. Past or future do not have anything which they can give to us but we can create many things from out of present. Present is coming out of future and it is becoming past very fast; therefore, it is important to catch it before it goes out of our hands.

People who do right things in present, they never regret their past or future; while, people who waste their present for past or future, they mostly regret both their past and future. Past and future are nothing but seen and unseen dimensions of future. Actually life is only Now and we can live an enjoyable life by respecting our present.
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