Fake encounter specialist Indian police

Recently, I came across three reports on various News channels where pictures or videos of fake encounters by different Indian police forces are shown. In all these videos or pictures, it was clear that person was not carrying any weapon and he was alone in the custody of police; however, police choose to kill these persons then arresting them. Most recent event is from Indian state of Manipur where Manipur special armed police killed an unarmed former terrorist without any reason and provocation.

These all reports only highlights towards lack of transparency in our police system and misuse of excessive powers given to Police. Police is meant for protecting people at any cost; however, here police is involved in wrong practices. It is very important to stop such events from taking place in future; otherwise it will become difficult for common people to trust Police. From many years, these matters have remained top discussion topics; however, nothing is done by our government so far to control this problem.

On the reverse side of it, our governments are making our police forces stronger and unquestionable by law by passing new laws on the name of terrorism. People are accepting these laws because they fear terrorists; however, people do not understand the threat of state sponsored terrorism and threat on Human rights of people. We can only hope for some corrective measures in this direction to make Indian police people friendly and respecting human rights of ordinary citizens of India.

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