Valentine’s Day in India

In countries like India, Valentine’s Day is becoming very popular among the youth who is finding this day as a good option for expressing their love. However, this day is also finding strong resistant from the certain people and orthodox groups, who are finding it against Indian values and traditions. However, present generation which is fast accepting many foreign traditions is also accepting this day with enthusiasm.

Future also looks brighter for this day in India because India has 60% population of youth and majority of who have no problem in celebrating this day. However, resistance against this day will also continue for many more years because many religious and orthodox people believe this day as attack on their religion, values and traditions. Second, many people also believe that this day is forced on Indians for increasing cards and gift markets in India.

As compared to other nations of world, India has strong population of youth which can provide an attractive market to many multinational companies for selling their products. Between all these problems, Valentines Day has made good acceptance in India which can only increase with time.
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