Movie Review “Slumdog Millionaire” (Dark face of India)

Danny Boyle’s latest film “Slumdog Millionaire” has shown another dark face of India to world on which any Indian will not feel proud. Though, in recent times standards of living for common people in India has seen significant improvement, however, still our 15-20% population is living under same ugly conditions as they were living 50 years back. India has seen an unparallel growth throughout the country where some places and states have grown tremendously as compared to other places and states.

Why we should we go any far, we can give the example of Dharavi slum in Mumbai where story of Slumdog Millionaire mostly revolves. Dharavi is biggest slum area of world situated in the heart of Mumbai, definitely not a thing to be proud of, however, this is big reality of present India. We may become super power of world; however, these truths will always remain with us. Through, this movie Danny Boyle has tried his best to put forward best of worst in Dharavi. Slumdog Millionaire has already become a big hit and acclaimed worldwide praise and awards (including four Golden Globe awards).

Danny has made this film in a great thought provoking way which will definitely make billions of people around the world to think about poor living conditions of people and how these conditions affect their whole life. In future, if we all Indian really want to feel proud about our country and our people then we are required to do something about these people by providing them with right opportunities to live and prosper.

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