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Movie Review “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” (full of flaws)

Finally, Shahrukh Khan’s first film of this year “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” is present in front of us and we can watch it by visiting our nearest cinema halls. Shahrukh Khan enjoys a great fan following in India; therefore, this film has got great opening. According to Yash Raj films, this film has already collected revenue of 60 crores from first week sales worldwide. This is definitely good news for Shahrukh Khan, however, this movie is not any great news for cine fans because movie is full of many flaws and unbelievable stuffs.

Though, people can enjoy this movie to some extent if they can anyhow afford to miss these flaws. Major problem is present with storyline of film which tells us to believe few unbelievable things like 1) any 40 year old person can look like a 25 year old young boy by cutting moustaches and styling his hair. 2) After this your wife will not recognise you. 3) Indian girls are still stupid. 4) Shahrukh Khan can do anything or still look 25 year old etc. This film was promoted as third directorial debut of Adytiya Chopra after gap of 13 year, who has earlier given super hit films like “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” and “Mohabbatein”. Though, this film is very weak as compared to these two wonderful films, though, I personally didn’t like Mohabbatein much.

This film also looks to be copying DDLJ or trying to selling its idea again. Though, I am not putting figure on anybody’s intentions, this film is made with good intention of highlighting Aam admi’s (common man) life. The main attraction of film is good music, Shahrukh Khan as 40 year old man (which his real age), good cinematography. However, this film fails because of poor choice of subject and not giving proper thinking to story and direction. Still people who are diehard fans of Shahrukh Khan can go for this film.

After this film, it is very important for Shahrukh Khan to realise that he really look old despite wearing trendy jeans and going for funky hair style and should avoid coming as 25 year old hero because he is becoming boring in this role, whereas he can perform well in roles of Kabir Khan for Chak de India. I will give 2 out of 5 marks for this film if we choose to watch this film without giving any load to our mind.

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