Sachin is definitely best

Yesterday, after making two world records Sachin Tendulkar, star Indian batsman, has shown to world that he is best cricket player in this world. First Sachin broke the highest run in test cricket record of Brain Lara, second he become the only batsmen in this world to make more than 12000 runs in test cricket.

Making records is not a new thing for Sachin Tendulkar and his fans also want only more and more records from him. Sachin still has few years left in his cricket career; therefore, we can hope that by the time Sachin will retire from cricket world, his records will become milestones in cricket history. Now Sachin holds record of highest runs in both ODI and test cricket.

It is very difficult for us to find any other player who has same potential like Sachin Tendulkar. Whole of India is really proud of this cricketer who has given new standards to Indian cricket. It is always a great pleasure to write about Sachin’s achievements and I hope that I will get more opportunities of writing such achievements in future.

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