Increasing Spread of Terrorism

In last few months, bomb blasts have become a common affair in India. Every month, we see terrorists targeting a major city in India. Today, serial blast in number of Assam cities also point towards this wide spread of terrorism in India. Terrorists have become so strong in India that they can attack any city in India at any time.

This is really a big failure of Indian intelligence services and state machinery. Moreover, major problem is that this situation is only becoming worst with each passing days. Today, ordinary people are no longer safe in India anymore because they can become victim of bomb blast anytime. Whereas, our government is still not ready to take this matter seriously.

Nobody has any answer to this question that how many more innocent people will die in these blasts in future. Political parties are only busy in increasing their vote banks over the dead bodies of innocent people. This continuous terrorist attack can derail growth story of India and push us into communal fire.

It is important for Indian government to take some concrete step and stop terrorism from becoming strong in India.
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