Singh is King is biggest Box Office Hit

In the present time, it is very difficult to doubt acceptance of Akshay Kumar. Really, he is king of Bollywood and box office because Askhay has again showed this to world with super success of his film “Singh is King” at box office. So far, “Singh is King” is able to earn more than 100 crore rupees and can earn much more because film is running well in many places across India and world.

With this success “Singh is King” has become part of selected category of few films which have earned more than 100 crore rupees. Earning wise Singh is King is definitely most successful film so far leaving behind Shahrukh Khan’s film “Om Shanti Om”. Even Askhay Kumar may not have hoped for such big success for this film at box office.

Small time length of only 2 hour and 10 minutes has also helped in making Singh is King a big success because small time length has helped cinema hall owners to run more numbers of shows for this film as compared to other 3 hour long films. Finally, reasons may be whatever but one thing is clear that “Singh is King” is a big box office success and Akshay Kuamr is king of Bollywood.

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