Sandeep Shelke victim of Work Pressure?

In recent times, it has become common trend to see IT professional committing suicides due to excessive work load. Yesterday, one new name of Sandeep Shelke, a software engineer and ex-IITian got added in this list. Sandeep committed suicide by jumping from a seven story building in Erendawane, Pune. He sent a SMS to his brother before his death, telling him that he is committing suicide because he is unable to sustain work pressure. Sandeep was presently working in Pune based IT firm Persistent Systems.

Last year only he completed his M.Tech from IIT Bombay. According to news, Sandeep was in depression from some times; however, generally he was a very fun loving guy with lot of craze for bikes. He also had a blog (, where he loves to share information about bikes. People can learn more about him by visiting his profile page available on IIT Bombay website Overall, it is shocking news of losing a talented person because of work pressure.

Today, IT industry in India has reached a state where some measures are required to be taken to avoid excessive work pressure on IT professionals. In this highly competitive market, we can only hope to see more increase in pressure over professionals to give results which can force more professionals like Sandeep to take similar steps. However, with strong work policy in place numbers of these incidences can be avoided in future.


  1. the blog details wat u gave for sandeep is wrong.. that biker blog is not the approriate one.. is his actual blog.. It is really sad to know that he is no more..

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