No one is perfect in this world

I found many people giving this explanation of their failures that they are not perfect for particular job. However, very less numbers of these people ever realise that No one is prefect in this world and we all people have many shortcoming in us. Moreover, there always exists a very small difference between success and failure. People who succeed in work mostly have slight more perfection over people who fail.

Simultaneously, many people who succeed today have seen many failures in past. Therefore, we can say that No one is perfect in this world; however, any person can increase his perfection levels by constantly improving and increasing his skills. It is very important for all of us to understand basic reasons behind our failures and make improvements on these points. Though, sometimes there remain many things out of our control and we cannot do anything about them still every person has his day.

Mostly, we all give lot of importance to factors on which we have no control or very less control like increase of corruption, fate etc, whereas we hardly do anything on improving our basic skills like self improvement, speaking improvement, improvement in presentation skills etc. Today, we can find many skills which we can learn easily learn for becoming successful in life and increasing chances of success for ourselves. In nutshell, we can say that there is nothing perfect in this world, though, we can try to become near perfect by constant improvement in ourselves.

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