How right is US presence in Iraq?

Today, we are hearing strong voices against US for what it is doing in Iraq. US invaded Iraq for making lives of Iraqi people better, however reverse of it has happened after US invasion in Iraq. Today, bomb blasts, firings, curfews, abductions etc have become story of every day. People of Iraq even do not have access to basic things important for living.

Moreover, condition of medical healthcare is in worst state with people dying from ordinary diseases due to the lack of drugs and treatment. Doctors are leaving Iraq due to increasing violence. Condition of women has seen worst time with only option left for women to close themselves inside homes.

Today, time has come when US is required to give justifications for what it has done in Iraq and leave Iraq at the earliest. People of Iraq have potential of making their own country without any help from US. Below, people can watch presentation by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an Iraqi freedom activist, about condition of Iraq.

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