Can acrylamide cause cancer?

Acrylamide is a chemical compound with formula C3H5NO and scientific name 2-propenamide. In last few years, Acrylamide has generated lot of news because many scientists across the world believe that acrylamide is a major cause of cancer in human and therefore, they are trying to establish a link between cancer and consumption of Acrylamide.

Main controversy started when Acrylamide was accidently discovered in food in 2002 by few Swedish scientists. Acrylamide is found in food items like coffee, fired potatoes, bread, prunes juice etc. It is also found that levels of Acrylamide tend to increase in food if it is cooked at higher temperature and for longer time.

At present scientists are not convinced about exact process with which Acrylamide is produced in food, however, it is found that Acrylamide formation take place in carbohydrate rich food items which are cooked (fired, baked or roasted) above 120 °C (248 °F), though same is not found when food is boiled.

It is believed that if consumed in large quantity acrylamide can cause cancer in human, however, so far most of studies done across various parts of world have failed in establishing strong relation between presence of acrylamide in food and cancer. Though, scientists have succeeded in establishing a link between intake of acrylamide and cancer in rats.

Mostly, maximum source of intake of acrylamide in humans is consumption of coffee followed by fired potatoes. Though, there is no clear link established so far about intake of acrylamide and cancer still many scientists believe that higher intake of acrylamide can cause cancer, therefore, it is advisable for people to decrease daily intake of acrylamide by avoiding intake of food rich in acrylamide like coffee, fried-roasted food items.

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