146 people killed in a stampede at Naina Devi shrine

It is not a new thing in this world to see people being killed in stampede at various religious places. Today in a similar incidence 146 people died and hundreds of other got injured in a stampede at famous Naina Devi temple in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh. Naina Devi is a famous temple of Maa Durga in Himachal Pradesh which is just 40 Km away from famous holly place Anandpur Shahib and 160 Km from Shimla capital of Himachal Pradesh.

Lakhs of people from adjoining areas of Himachal and Punjab have strong faith in Naina Devi, therefore we see huge rush of devotees at this place. Today, rush was very high at this place due to start of Navrata festivals because it is believed very rewarding to visit this temple during these days. Around 10:00 hrs in morning during peak rush times news of landslide caused unrest in devotees lined up for darshans and people started running here and there causing a stampede.

Rush was so strong that railing on the 4 Km trek to temple got collapsed thus causing many people being pushed down the hill. Police official present on the sight were not in adequate numbers to control this situation, thus caused heavy loss of 146 lives. Moreover, there are many chances that these numbers can further increase in few days because numbers of seriously injured devotees are being rushed to different hospitals across Punjab and Himachal.

Due to increase in population, rush at these religious places have become a common thing and especially in festival seasons situation at these places become very volatile. Moreover, non availability of adequate facilities and precautions make these places more prone to such incidences. In future, we can only expect more increase in these kinds of situations because number of devotees will rise many times in future. Availability of easy transportation facilities has made it easy for people to travel from one place to other thus further causing rush at famous temples and shrines.
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