Will UPA government survive in trust vote or not?

Today and tomorrow, we will see one question on every person’s tongue that will UPA government survive tomorrow or not in trust vote in Loksabha. As of now, predictions are 60-40 for UPA government, 60% in favour of survival of this government and 40% in favour of fall of this government. However, major concern in Indian politics is that MPs switch over night from one party to other and therefore, we can even see reverse picture tomorrow during voting on vote of trust.

For winning trust vote any government requires to secure 271 votes in Loksabha. At present, there are 269 MPs in favour of UPA lead government and 268 MPs against UPA government. 4 MPS have either still not decided their action or there is no information about their move is available. Therefore, now fate of Manmohan Singh lead government depends on wills of these only 4 MPs, though, there are chances of more MPs switching overnight to other parties in both ruling alliance and opposition.

Overall, situation is very crucial for UPA lead government and situation can take any turn. According to big astrologers, this government will stay and win tomorrow’s confidence motion. However, politics is one place were nothing can be exactly predicted because in politics friend becomes enemy and enemy becomes friend overnight. Opposition parties are also alleging UPA lead government for horse trading and offering money to opposition MPs for voting in favour of government. In 1999, Vajpayee Lead NDA government failed in winning trust vote by just 1 vote, this time also situation is nearly same and anything can happen tomorrow.

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