Time of Indian Bloggers

Today, blogging has not remained a just phenomenon of western world, however, thanks to the spread of IT in most parts of world, most of the nations are getting used to blogging. India is one country which has accepted blogging concept very well. Large numbers of Indians are finding blogging very attractive option for expressing their views, providing useful information, marketing their services and for number of other needs.

It is very easy for any person to start a blog; therefore, people are getting advantage of this great tool. Yesterday, I got a chance to visit arun's weblog while surfing on net. This is another addition in the category of Indian blogs which are targeting Indian visitors. This is a beautiful blog with number of beautiful pictures, articles and videos.

This blog provides a very good coverage of south India. People can find information about lot of useful stuffs like board exam results on this blog. Hopefully, this blog will shine in blog sphere soon and provide lot of good read for all of us.
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