Movie Review- Hancock

In past years, we have seen many imaginations about number of super heroes who remain ready to save world. Most of these super heroes also possess extraordinary powers and name of few of these super heroes include Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Fantom etc. Now one more name will get added to this list and it is Hancock. With the release of latest Hollywood flick based on super hero concept “Hancock”, we have got our new super hero.

Will Smith is performing the role of super hero Hancock. Now what is the difference between this super hero and other super heroes? The answer is simple, this time our super hero Hancock do not enjoy respect from ordinary people and also do not have control over his behaviour and drinking. Therefore, people do not like this super hero. However, super hero gets expert help in changing his behaviour towards people and looking more decent, this finally becoming a true super hero.

All this look very interesting and this film also provide complete entertainment during first half. First half of film is full of many adventurous, thrilling, comedy and emotional scenes. However, second half fails to large extent in carrying forward film well. Second part of film is very weak in number of ways and stops from making this film an extraordinary film. Though, people will still like new super hero Hancock, however, this film will not provide much space for Hancock. In future we can hope that next Hancock films will provide more excitement.

Other important two stars of film are Jason Bateman, and Charlize Theron. Acting wise all actors are good in their roles, however, problem is present with story and direction in second half. This film has made good business worldwide, thanks to aggressive publicity for this film, however, future earning will decrease significantly.

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