Using Fears as Motivators

Every person in this world has his own fears, though numbers and levels of these fears can vary from person to person. For whole life, we have no other option what to live with our fears. However, major problem with life full of fears is that we cannot enjoy this life. Sometimes, even these fears take control of our life and make our life very difficult. Therefore, for living a healthy and good life in this world, it is very important for any person to have some control over his fears.

Now, we all know that we cannot altogether remove all of our fears. Some fears do remain present in our life. However, we can very well use these fears as great motivators. Already, fear factor is used at many places to force people to follow a particular path or do more hard work. Parents do this with their children; bosses do this with their subordinates. Like them we can also use our fears to motivate ourselves for doing more hard work or more study or more practise etc.

We mostly fear when we find our self in some difficult situation or see some difficulties coming towards us. We find it hard to find any solution for these problems and therefore, we fear by thinking about outcomes. In these kinds of situations, people can force themselves to do more hard work for coming out of these difficulties by making fear as motivator. For example, if I find myself in a financial crisis then I can use my fear of having no money for essential expenditures for motivating myself to look for more earning opportunities like working extra time or joining a evening job etc.

While facing our fears, we can only do two jobs either control our fears by winning over them or let them control us. Second example, now if any person has fear about his old age then he can use this fear for saving money for old age. We mostly treat fears in a negative way; however, fears are great mechanisms present in front of us to avoid major difficulties in life because when we fear from something then only we try to take steps for solving that thing. Fears can be great motivators for any person, if he knows how to utilise them in a positive manner. No person in this world can win by running from his fears, success only hug those people who face their fears boldly and constantly search for ways to decrease their effects.

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