Accepting Death (It will come one day) 2

Every living being which has taken birth in this world will die one day. From the time of our birth, we all can die at any moment. Some will die in their childhood, some in adulthood and other in old age. In nutshell, we all have to die and we cannot run from this reality. Though, nobody can predict or plan his time of death because it is out of our control, still we can very well control and manage whatever life available with us.

Mostly, people who die early are believed as unfortunate ones while people who die in old age are believed as fortunate ones. However, I believe those people more fortunate who live their lives fully and completely even though they may die at any age or early. Here we can give the example of Swami Vivekananda, he died in his adulthood, and however, despite his short life he created so much meaning for his life which many people fail in making even after living for years.

I only want to convey that it is more important to understand the importance of our life and start living with enthusiasm before death knocks at our door and take life away from us. Every second of our life is full of profound bless of God, we are only required seeing this great truth. Only by worrying about death, we cannot achieve anything in life; however, we will only loss our essential time and energy. God has made death for showing us the importance of life, so that we can understand that God has given us great medium to understand and enjoy this world.

If we learn to live every second of our life then we learn to live a proper life, now while living this life even if death come suddenly to us then we will not have any complain towards God and life. If we choose to live like ants and remain concerned only about earning livelihood then we can never escape from the fear of death because we are not living our true life or neither enjoying this life. By accepting truth of death, we can easily make our lives more fulfilling and rewarding or by ignoring this fact we can make our life hell.

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