Top 10 billionaires of world as per Forbes

World leading magazine Forbes recently published the list of new billionaires of world. This list really provides many chances of joy for all Indians because there are four Indians in top ten billionaires of this list. This list clearly shows the increasing power of India in world map. This list includes four Indian billionaires Lakshmi Mittal (4th), Mukesh Ambani (5th), Anil Ambani (6th) and KP singh (8th). Ambani brothers of Reliance group are giving big fight to other billionaires of the world and there place could be much higher, if Indian stock market does not slipped few months back. Similarly, K P Singh of DLF group has also found place in this list thanks to ever increasing real estate rates in India. The major surprise in this list is Bill Gate losing his top position as world’s richest person after thirteen long years of holding it. Bill Gates is now 3rd richest person of world, as per this list. Warren Buffett of US, who has stake in number of businesses, is now world richest person. Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico is second richest person of world as per this list. Forbes list of billionaires’ holds a great relevance in world and it is considered as benchmark in this segment.

Forbes list of world top 10 billionaires

1. Warren Buffett
2. Carlos Slim Helu
3. Bill Gates
4. Lakshmi Mittal
5. Mukesh Ambani
6. Anil Ambani
7. Ingvar Kamprad
8. KP Singh
9. Oleg Deripaska
10. Karl Albrecht

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