Pre-release Movie Review- "One Two Three"

In recent times, cinema lovers of India are getting bombarded with one laughter movie after another. Hardly, people forget about one laughter movie, another movie come knocking their doors. This week also we are seeing release of one more laughter movie “One Two Three”. This film is full of number of stars like Tusshar Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Sameera Reddy, Esha Deol, Neetu Chandra, Upen Patel, Tanishaa etc.

However, story wise this film does not offer much to people. Story of the film revolves around the stolen 10 crore rupees diamonds from a don. Story writer has tried to provide some laughter by introducing their characters with same name Laxmi Narayan and they are Tusshar Kapoor (struggling gangster), Sunil Shetty (MBA and boss obedient) and Paresh Rawal (sell underwear on footpath). These three Laxmi Narayan reach at same place at same time and here start show of laughter and confusion.

Story of this film is freely available on net and people can visit the official “one two three” website on However, my advice for all people looking to watch this film is to not read this story, otherwise this film will become very boring and predictable. The main attraction of film is its director “Aswani Dhir”, who directed popular TV serials like office-office, public hai sab janti ha, hum saath aath ha etc.

He has also won awards for seven consecutive years for his TV serials. Now, it will be big challenge for Aswani Dhir to repeat his success again with films also. This film is produced by Big Screen entertainment Pvt Ltd; know films like Omkara, Nshabad etc. From first look, this film look some promising, however, problem with film is repeated jokes, still we are required to wait till Friday for knowing the actual feedback of this film.

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