Magic or Fraud

From many centuries, large numbers of people and magicians are using fraud methods to shows things which are otherwise not possible. Though all the magicians are not fraud but there are many who use wrong methods to achieve their goals. Below is also one such video embedded which show a magician separating a girl in to two pieces with the help of his magic. In first viewing this magic look very realistic and many people start believing it as real trick. However, the actual reality is very different from what is shown in this video. The magician in this video has very smartly first presented two girls in the form of single girl then with the help of few friends he has shown like separating her. People believe that one girl is separated in two pieces, however, in reality two different girls, one seating over other, are becoming separated. People can also understand this fact by closing watching this video. We are really living in a world where number of such tricks made on the daily basis to attract our attention and make money worldwide.

Video of trick of separating a girl in two pieces -

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