It is Advertising money bonanza for film Stars

Advertisements and endorsements have really emerged as great source of income for the Indian film stars. There are many film stars in India who are earning more money from the advertisements and endorsement than it is earned by them in films. One of the best example which fits here is of Indian Super Star Shahrukh Khan, who earn around 150 crore rupees per year alone from the advertisements and endorsements, while he signs only two films in a year and get Rs 5-6 crore for each film.

Shahrukh get Rs 8-9 crore for single endorsement which is even more than money earned by him through movies and highest to any Indian film star. Therefore, today major source of income for Shahrukhan is definitely advertisement’ revenue. Similar is the case with Amitab Bachan also, he earns around 120 crore rupees from advertisings and endorsement alone. Third place in this earning goes to Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya, both earn approximately 100 crore rupees per year from various advertisements and endorsement.

Now after knowing this fact we will hardly blame our film stars for doing so many advertisements because this is their main earning opportunity. Today, advertisers are ready to pay any amount to the big stars and celebrities, whom they think are best for their product endorsements. In future also this trend will further increase with entry of new products and every advertiser will try his best to attract more number of people for his products with the help of these celebrities.

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