Black day for Indian Hockey

Yesterday will be always remembered in the history of Indian hockey as a black day because in 80 year long history of India hockey, Indian hockey team first time failed in qualifying into China Olympics and lost 2-0 to Brittan in Olympic qualifying final match. Most of the nation is shocked at this news because hockey is only game which has given 8 gold medals to India and hockey is one game which has made India proud even before independence.

Hockey is considered as a national game in India; however, in recent times this game is going through very bad time. During the final qualifier match with Brittan, India hockey team does number of errors and failed in converting 5 panelty shoot outs into goals. This is really not what people of India expect from the Indian hockey team which has given extraordinary players and results in past.

Major culprit in this debacle of Indian hockey looks to be Hockey Federation which is working autocratically providing very less scope for the hockey player to show results. President of hockey federation Mr K P S Gill is holding his position tight for last fifteen and even want to continue till n number of years. According to him, he need more time for improving the state of hockey in India and fifteen years is very less time for him.

This is really an irresponsible behaviour from the hockey federation of India which has only become federation of corruption and controlled by few people. Most of the senior hockey players blame hockey federation and Mr K P S Gill for this situation of Indian hockey. Today, Indian hockey is at its lowest level and we can expect it go further down, however if nothing productive is done in this direction then days are faraway when hockey will become a history in India thanks to hockey federation of India.

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