Are Karina and Saif new hot couple of Bollywood?

Bollywood is really a world full of many surprises and excitements. Across India and world, many people like this world and enjoy what is happening in it. People mostly remain excited about knowing the hot actor, hot actress or hot couple of Bollywood. Last year, when Abhishek Bachan married Aishwarya Rai then they became the hot couple of Bollywood or even India and still they are number one.

However, one new pair is challenging their top position and it is new hot pair of Saif and Karina. Today, we can easily find newspapers, TV channels and internet full with stories related to them. From Saif’s Tattoo to expensive diamond gift for Karina, this couple is making headlines after headlines. Even there were rumours last week that Saif hired a private jet for his lady love. In one interview, Saif Ali Khan also said that “Karina is not only a beautiful woman but she is a beautiful person also”.

Today, Karina-Saif rumours and jokes are in big demand and even we got some glimpse of it in Filmfare awards when Shahrukh said Karina “Bhabhiji”. At present this love story is going at full swing and we can soon hear news of their marriage also. However, this is a Bollywood where nobody can give the guaranty of any relation; therefore, it is very hard to predict in relationship of Karina-Saif that what is stored next for them.

Their relationship will also depend greatly on the success of their forthcoming films where they are acting together. Overall, their intimacies definitely have provided lot of matter for debate to their fans and general public.

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