Google is known for providing number of excellent services on the internet without any cost. is also one more service from Google which is providing a great help to number of webmaster in knowing the actual stats of their websites. Though, there are number of other websites available on the net which provide the free stats for websites, however, there is hardly any website which provide stats for any website in such depth for free of cost.

It is very easy to open an account of with and webmasters can easily add as many websites for knowing stats as they like. This service is totally free and therefore, webmasters can easily get the quality stats of their website with Google/Analytics. With the help of Google/Analytics people can easily know about the most popular content on site, origin of visitors, time spend by the visitors, key words sending visitors and many more.

Google/Analytics is really a great service available for all webmasters for making their websites more competitive. Overall, this is a great help available in front of webmasters for free cost for knowing exact trends about their websites. Already, Google/Analytics has become popular among the webmasters and many more people are joining it for getting the maximum out of it.

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