North India Shivering with Cold

Nearly, after 40 years North India is again seeing the worst cold wave with many parts seeing temperature below 0 degree Celsius. Moreover, this cold wave is also not becoming weak with the passage of time and it is only becoming harsher with time. At present due to heavy snow fall, Kashmir valley and higher reaches of other hilly states are totally inaccessible for last two days. Even Mumbai, mostly having a pleasant weather for whole year, is seeing a temperature as low 9.4 degree forcing people to wear warm clothes. This time many cities in plain areas have also seen temperature as low as -5 degree which is a new record. According weather department of India, this cold wave can continue for one more week and after which people can hope for some relief. People in north India are eagerly waiting for some change in this cold weather because this harsh cold is making it very difficult to perform number of essential works. Fog has also started affecting the normal life from last two days which was earlier absent for last two months. This year cold will be remembered for many years because of breaking so many records.
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