Bye-Bye Netscape Web browser

Everything in this world has an end and similarly, it looks that end of once know as big competitor to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) and a popular web browser, Netscape is near because AOL, parent company of Netscape, has decided to withdraw all supports available for the Netscape web browser from 1st of Feb 2008. In simple words, we can say that AOL is leaving Netscape web browser behind for its slow death. In Market share term in the web browser market, Netscape can be declared already dead because its market share as compared to other players like IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc has decreased even below 1% in recent years.

Launched in 1994, Netscape was one of the few first explorers available with people for exploring various websites. In 1999, AOL bought Netscape and tried to give it a new life. Once Netscape web browsers was believed as big player in web browser market and also a competitor for the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), however, in this battle IE really emerged as big winner with more than 80% share. Next big player is this segment is Firefox from Google, which has market share of 14%, but good news for Firefox is that its market share is constantly increasing.

Many people believe that lack of innovation is one reason why Netscape web browser failed to compete despite having long history and good service track record. People can still use the present or old version of Netscape for web browsing but they need to remember that there will be no official help available to them after 1 Feb 2008 onward.

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