Who will win India-Australia test series?

Presently, Indian cricket team is in Australia for playing four test matches with Australia. As per the experts, present Indian team is best team ever being sent to Australia because it is full of number of experienced players with great records. Therefore, large numbers of cricket fans at back home are very optimistic about India wining this test series in Australia because it will be first ever test series win for India in Australia. However on the other hand, Australia is a best cricket team in cricket and past records also favour Australia.

So far, India has played 32 test matches in Australia and out which 20 matches are won by Australia against only 4 wins by India. Therefore, Australia holds an exceptional record against India in test cricket in Australia. Moreover, Australian cricket team’s test record in Australia has remained exceptionally well against all the cricket playing nations. Whereas, when it comes to test matches between India and Australia in India then both teams are on the same level.

Out of 36 test matches played in India between Australia and India, 11 matches are won by India against 12 wins of Australia. In recent few years, Indian team has shown a good performance in home pitches against Australia and therefore, improved their record against Australia. However, still winning test matches in Australia is like a big dream for India.

Mostly, Indian teams find it very difficult to perform well on the fast pitches in Australia. Presently, test series in Australia has come with lot of hopes and aspiration for Indian supporters and also, Indian cricket team is looking very promising in this fight. Therefore, we can hope that this time, Indian team will show good performance in Australia.

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  1. Australia or specifically Ricky ponting wanted to break the steve waugh record of 16 test wins in a row.now they have equalled the record. To do this they must have been so desperate. The umpires must have got the bribes of their life time. The desperation shows in all those fake appeals even when they know that the whole world will see their bluff. Ricky ponting, the guy who claims to be the angel is actually a pathetic fraud who lost the spirit of the game some where along the line. Now they will do the same thing in next match also if they want to break the record. All this shows how scared the aussies are of Indian team. The mighty aussies are from now on a team of cowards and frauds.
    A team of monkeys and half breed prisoners.

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