Who will win in Himachal Election? (Exit poll result)

Today, second phase of voting in Himachal also came to end and with this people’s decisions got stored in the Electronic voting machines and we will be able to know final decision on 28 Dec. However, exit poll results are available in front of us and which are giving good news for the BJP. As per the exit poll results, It is certain that BJP is now coming back to government in Himachal.

As per the exit poll prediction, BJP will get between 38-42 seats from total 68 seats which is an enough majority for making government in Himachal. On the other hand congress is supposed to get 17-21 seats. Other parties and independent can also get seats between 5-13 seats in these elections. This situation look totally reverses of the 2003 election results when congress received 43 seats and BJP 16 seats. This is second good news for BJP after the predictions of win in Gujarat election.

Also it looks that Himachal has again voted as per the same pattern which is prevalent from the time of its birth. Himachal results will not have much effect on the national politics but it is difficult to predict the combined effect of Himachal and Gujarat results on the centre politics. One implication of BJP win in both Himachal and Gujarat could be delay in the midterm poll plans of Congress and now Congress will like to wait for more time before going for elections in centre.

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