Final Exit Poll results for Gujarat Election

Today, voting for the second phase of election took place in Gujarat and with this verdict of Gujarat people got sealed in the EVMs. People will be only able to see these results on 23 Dec when counting for the votes will start. With the end of second phase of elections, final exit poll results for the Gujarat election are also out and all the exit poll nearly show a same picture in front of us. All the exit polls have pointed towards a victory for BJP in this election but number of seats can drastically decrease compared to the 2002 results.

Now as per the latest estimate by different exit polls by different news and media channels, BJP can get between, 93-105 seats which will be a just majority position for BJP. On the other hand seats of congress will remain between 75-85 seats. Vote share of BJP is expected to remain between 46-47% and congress’s vote share can remain between 42-43%, which shows a 3% decrease in the vote share of BJP and 3% increase in the vote share of Congress as compared to previous elections. Therefore, we can say as per the exit polls BJP will form government in Gujarat again but it may not get the same huge majority as got in 2002 election.

Therefore, it looks that Modi factor has worked again in Gujarat and Congress needs to wait for next five years for making a government in Gujarat. However, Congress is definitely going to improve its strength in Gujarat which could be a worrying sign for the BJP and Narendra Modi. On 23 Dec, accuracy of these exit polls will also come in front of us and for the mean time BJP and Narendra Modi have something to rejoice about.

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