Benazir Bhutto Killed in Rawalpindi (Video Update)

Today will be registered as a black day in the history of Pakistan forever because two militants shot dead Former Pakistani Benazir Bhutto. Benazir Bhutto was only 54 years old and considered as a popular leader in Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto was shot five bullets by two motorcycle riders during a political relay in Rawalpindi and out of five bullet one bullet penetrated the neck of Benazir. She was brought to hospital in the injured state but she succumbed to injuries. Earlier, Militants also tried to kill her unsuccessfully by blowing her political relay by suicide bombing, in which 30 people were killed. This news has come as a great shock for people around the world and all the world leaders are condemning this incidence. Recently, Bhutto emerged as a hope of democracy in Pakistan and there were many chances that she may have won the forth coming elections in Pakistan. Her death can also be associated with her increasing popularity and her open attack on the fundamental forces in recent past. After the death of Benazir Bhutto, there are many chances that Pakistan can again go in the state of political vacuum. Former Prime Minister Nawas Sharif, other opposition leader of Pakistan has blamed General Musharraf for this attack and even shown apprehensions about his life. Militants also attacked the relay of Nawas Sharif in Rawalpindi in which 5 people were killed. Some experts are even blaming Taliban Backed forces behind it.

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