Nandigram is burning again

It is very hard to imagine that there is one place inside democratic India where people are still struggling for their basic rights. According to the home secretary of West Bengal, “Nandigram has totally become a battle ground with number of innocent people being killed and displaced from their homes”. This matter started earlier this year when West Bengal government decided to give the land of Nandigram to Salim Group for constructing a special encomic zone. However, people of the Nandigram resisted this seize of land by blocking the roads and ways leading to Nandigram which leaded to the total cut off of Nandigram from rest of India.

This protest become even more violent and bloody when 14 people got killed and number of injured in police firing on the Nandigram villagers protesting against any move of government to enter or seize Nandigram. After this shameful incidence West Bengal government withdraws their plan to seize Nandigram. However, people of the Nandigram still opted for the cut off and closed roads for avoiding a clash with the ruling Communist party activists which were also supposed to be involved in the killing of 14 peoples. Recently, this incidence again becomes more violent when number of armed Communist party activists in the presence of police stormed Nandigram and killed around two people and injured other.

The major problem in this incidence is total failure of police network and police support for the ruling party activists. At present large number of Nandigram residents are forced to live in camps. Trinmool Congress and ruling communist parties are blaming each other for this problem, however, the biggest reality is painful condition of Nandigram people who are victimized inside their own country by their own government.

This whole incidence puts a big question mark on the condition of ordinary people in India and how always portraying itself as people friendly party communist party is involved in the killing of innocent people. This incidence is a clear black mark on our democracatic ideology where still thousands of people are being deprived of their basic rights. Today, India is struggling with Naxalist moment and one of the reasons behind the spread of Naxalist moment in India is also exploitation of common people. Our state government needs to learn lessons early before situations go out of their control.

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