Common Indians stand for Justice

Today, we can proudly say about India that we are slowly becoming a more people oriented and open society. I will not say that everything is right in India; however, one thing is clear that common Indian people are more united against any crimes or wrong acts done on any person of India or world. We can give the example of recent happening in Nandigram block in West Bengal state of India. Number of people died, few hundred are still missing and hundreds of women are raped in Nandigram in last eleven months.

Even there are still chances of further attacks on these innocent people of Nandigram. The major worrying sign which emerges out of this whole situation is that State machinery totally failed in providing any support to the people and supported the illegal activities of their own supporters. Despite this ugly truth which is available in front of us, there is some good news for the people of Nandigram that there are millions of common people, intellectuals, media persons and NGOs, which have come forward in the support of people of Nandigram.

Everyone in India is raising a strong voice against the things which have happened in Nandigram and how India’s own citizens are treated so badly inside their own country. Moreover, this incidence has also shown the actual picture of communist parties in front of us who always falsely defend themselves as supporter of common people. Today, time has come when common people of India should take active part in the making of their nation and thus help millions of other exploited common people.

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