Does Ramayana a myth?

Ramayana is one the most sacred and Holy Scripture for most of Hindus living across the world. Ramayana is story of Lord Rama life, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he lived in India around 1.7 million years ago (500 BC to 100 BC). Lord Rama has great influence on the Indian culture and sentiments of large number of devotees. The major reason behind the popularity of the Lord Rama is noble and disciplined life lived by him. Lord Rama is known for his highest respect for his parents, great help to the people and living a life based on the truth. Over the years, Lord Rama has emerged a symbol of an ideal and good person and therefore large number of parents wants their sons to follow the footsteps of Ram and daughters to follow the path of Mata Sita (wife of Lord Ram). From the last number of years, Both Lord Ram and Ramayana has remained an integral part of India life (organising Ram Leela every year before Dashahra).

However, the latest Sethusamudram project controversy has raised many questions and some of these raised questions have even contradicted the ever existence of Lord Rama and thus terming Ramayana into a myth. Today large numbers of the historians are of the belief that Ramayana is just a fable introduced to teach good habits in people. In support of this belief they give number of different reasons like 1) Ramayana has different descriptions available across the world. 2) There are no historical proofs available to support the existence of Ram. 3) Ram is more a religiously promoted figure than a real fact etc. However, for large number of devotees of lord Rama, he is still a great hero and he very much exists in this world. The biggest supporting factor for the existence of Lord Ram and Ramayana is faith of large number of devotees on them.

Some of the other supporting factors for the support of Lord Rama and Ramayana are-

1)Existence of various places like Ayodhya, Chitrakut, Sri Lanka, Ram Setu, Valmiki Ashram etc, which are described in Ramayana.
2) It hard to believe that one of the advanced and old societies of world, Hindu religion accepted and worshiped a mythical figure. Hindu society is known for great discoveries like Ayurveda, Yoga and many laws of various sciences.
3) Accurate and right description of various geographical and time dependent facts in Mahabarta, which also highlights the existence of Lord Rama and Hanuman.
4) Recent discovery of Ram sethi and availability of number of floating stones in various temples across India.
5) Existence of hill in Sri Lanka which has black coloured soil and it is the place as per Ramayana where Hanuman burnt the golden fort of Lanka demon king Ravan.

Today, there are large numbers of sections in India which are trying to undermine the existence of Lord Rama due to their own gains. In the present times, it has become very important for the India people to know all the truths related to Lord Rama, Ramayana and Ram Sethu. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the government of India to do some work in this direction positively and help us know the real facts.

Slideshow of pictures of Ram Setu taken by NASA.

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