Controversy on the Name of Ram

It is very difficult for any devotee Hindu to imagine that one day time will come when there will be controversy on the name of God Rama. Ram name has great influence on the Hindu religion and its people. Ram name is associated with the lives of the people from his birth to death. God Ram is a great symbol of Hindu religion’s ideology and philosophy. Even Ram is also associated with other religions and religions like Sikh religion use name of Rama many times. Now if suddenly our government claims that there is no proof of his existence then it looks very bizarre because from the centuries nobody has either asked for such kind of proof or someone declared non existence of gods? God is a phenomenon more of person’s belief and his faith then a scientific discovery. Indian government’s statement on lord Rama through affidavit filled in the Supreme Court is a nonthoughtful move and can pull country again into communal fights. Today though government has changed its stand and decided to fill new affidavit but this issue has given birth too many question which will take long time before being answered.

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