Violent protests and India

In recent struggle of Gujjar community for ST status has seen a major violence by the agitating people which caused lot of loses to the individual and national properties. The major problem with this whole episode was that our government does not take necessary measures at the right time to save the properties of people or state. Due to this reason, Indian Supreme Court is forced to ask the state governments and authorities about the measures taken by them to stop these activities or for booking the people who destroyed the property of the nation. Court has given the time up to 10 June to the administration to book cases against the culprits and put them behind the bars. The major apathy with this whole episode is that state and central governments were not able to take any concrete steps to avoid these activities. It is only after the intervention of the Supreme Court of India, we started seeing some action. This is really a great apathy for the country like India where still violence like this are common stories and here struggling people still destroy the property of others or nation for completing their own dreams. Indian people still need to learn to live in a way which is acceptable to all the people. Gujjar struggle has put many questions in front of us and in near future results of the Supreme Court initiative will decide the look of further agitations in India.

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