Provide help in speedy Trail of Nitish Katara

We all know about the Nitish Katara case in which, he was brutally killed for loving a girl of his college. Nitish Katara was studying in Institute of Management and Technology, Ghaziabad. He was in love with his classmate Bharati Yadav, daughter of former MP and Liquor mafia D P Yadav.

The main victim behind the killing is Vikas Yadav brother of Bharti Yadav who committed this crime because it was unacceptable for him to see his sister with some one. This case is a simple example of completely immoral and power dominated behavior on the part of Vikas Yadav.

D P Yadav also has number of criminal cases registered against him in the various police stations. Yadav family is known to commit various crimes and mostly they come out of them safely with help of power, money and criminal support they hold. While killing Katara, Vikas also has the same belief that he will come out safely unhurt from this matter too.

However, people power is making this case alive so far. For last five years, this case is waiting for a justice. With the passing time chances of this case becoming weak are very certain. Already main witnesses of this case have started getting threats; therefore it is very important to get the speedy justice in this case.

We all can provide help in the speedy trail of this case by filling this one minute online petition-

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