Obesity-a new serious problem in India

India is slowly moving towards becoming a developed nation and with this it is also getting the positive and negative points of the developed nations and one of such negative point which India gaining from the developed world is obesity. Today obesity has become a serious business in India with more number of people suffering from it. In recent few years, number of the people who can be categories as obese have increased significantly.

In one way, this is a good sign for once food deficient nation but in long run obesity has many problems associated with it because obese person has more chances of developing various disorders like diabetics, cardiac problems etc. Already India is seeing step increase in the number of people suffering from these disorder and many studies even predict India toping this chart in few coming years. The main reason behind the increasing obesity is junk food and lack of exercise. Junk food has taken over the normal diet of many people and therefore consumption of this junk food has increased significantly.

Second due to increase in transport and other facilities, leg work by the ordinary people have decreased significantly. Cold drinks are also responsible in large extent for the increase in obesity in our society because of large quantity of sugar in them. Few years, it was hard to find large number of the obese people but now it is becoming difficult to search for the slim people. Indians need to consider these facts and look for the healthy life style before things become worse for them.
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