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By hearing 300, it is very difficult to imagine what is stored in this movie. However, this WARNER BROS Pictures film 300 has lot to offer. This film directed by the Zack Snyder reminds about a fight of 300 Spartans who showed the guts to fight an army which is very-very large than their size. There were over 1000000 solider in the army. From this simple fact we can imagine the bravery of these soldiers who fought and died for their nation. This fight had held back in 480 BC. It is even known today for the great sacrifice by these 300 people.

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The main hero of this story is King Leonidas who gave challenge to the invading King Persian King Xerxes with an army of more than 1000000 soldiers. Film “300” has successfully tried to highlight all these points. This film shows the great spirit of the Spartans. This movie provides a good insight on the living standards of that time and how for becoming a king in Sparta, a simple child goes through many hard lessens. The most important part of the film is great fighting sequence. It is really nice to see few people fighting against the very big rival.

There are many bloodiest scenes which are featured in this movie and for the fight lovers this movie provides a great watch. The take away point from this movie is courage and loyalty to the nation. Battle lasts for the three day with the death of thousands of the rival soldiers. This movie is a clearly a great example of extreme courage which is very rare to find. Great fighting skills which were used in the ancients are shown perfectly in this movie.

These kinds of the movies are good reminder for past glories and remind us of the great sacrifices done by the people in the history. Though King Leonidas and his most of men die in this war but still he become a great symbol of courage on whom today a whole film is dedicated. Overall this is good movie to watch which reminds us about the past glories and sacrifices. However there are few flaws which make this movie at few places like story looks some time shabby and difficult to understand.

Point- 6/10

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  1. A few flaws?? This movie is FULL of flaws! They hardly get anything right , except that the battle took place in Thermapylae and (among 4200 other Greeks) nearly 300 Spartans fought. As a student of history I found this movie extremely disappointing. We only get a gleam of the legendary Greek phalanx and they didn't even get the Spartan armour as it really was. This movie doesn't make any sense. If Frank Miller wanted to make a fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings, he could pick any fictional story and thereby not distort the publics knowledge of the subject, that is Battle of Thermapylae and the Spartan society in general. Btw, whats up with the oliphants, rhino, orc-like immortals and the goddamn troll? This Hollywood piece of garbage really sucks, but it have brilliant special effects (of course). Go see it, but don't expect a re-enactment in any way or else you'll become disappointed.

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