Cricket World Cup 2007

Cricket World Cup-2007 has just started today with the opening match of Pakistan and host West Indies. This time there are 16 cricketing nations participating in this game. The venue of this world is West Indies. This world cup started today on 13th march with first opening match between Pakistan and West Indies. The final match of this event will be played on 28th April. This time cricket world is full of more excitement and new rules. All the sixteen playing nation teams are being divided in to four groups of four teams. Top two teams from each group will play the super 8 from which top 4 teams will play the semifinal. This time people can find lot of exciting moments when some teams may be knocked out of the tournament.

Four groups are as following

Group A
1) Australia 2) South Africa 3) Scotland 4) Netherlands

Group B
1) India 2) Sri Lanka 3) Bangladesh 4) Bermuda

Group C
1) New Zealand 2) England 3) Kenya 4) Canada

Group D
1) Pakistan 2) West Indies 3) Zimbabwe 4) Ireland

Out of the 16 times above 10 are test playing nations and while 6 teams have only one day status.

On the win winning team will get 2 points and losing will get no point, while on the draw each team will get 1 point.

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