Black world cup

This cricket world will be known as a black world cup because of the murder of the Pakistani Coach Bob Woolmer. Few day back Coach Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his room and rushed to the hospital. After reaching hospital, he was found dead. Initially there were speculation that the reason behind the death of the Bob Woolmer is work pressure and ailing condition of him. However Jamaica police confirmed that his death was not natural but he was murdered. So far police do not have any clear clue about the culprit but police is confident of finding the culprit soon. Now with the confirmation of murder of Bob Woolmer, speculation about the role of cricket mafia has surfaced. According to rough estimates, there is billion dollars of betting racket is continuing behind the scenes. Some concerns have also started arising about the security measures in the world cup. Cricket is a game in which billions of dollars worth investment is made by various industries because of the popularity of this game. In this situation, it is difficult to not consider the different possibilities. However one thing which is coming in front of us is that cricket corruption has reached deep down to the roots of the cricket. Now if we want to save the cricket from these wrong people and world authorities need to put some check on all these corruptions. Moreover they are required to take measures so that no one faces the fate like Bob Woolmer.

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