Love story of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya rai

At present the love story of the Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai has become a great hot topic for many of their fans. Most of the people want to know this fact that when their love story started. There are many speculations about their love story but still very less authentications available about their love story. As per some estimates Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai love got the real heights in the movie Guru when both the couple got chance to come near each other.

Both have likeness for each other from some time before but the time spends together during the movie Guru contributed more nearness to their relationship. Aishwarya’s name was associated with Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi in past. However in the end the real hero of Aishwarya is Abhishek with whom we will see Aishwarya marrying on 19th April. More information on this love stories would only be available after the marriage of the Abhishek and Aishwarya.

It mostly depends upon them that when they let the ordinary people know about their love story or we could hope to see a movie made on this subject or a love story book is published. Like marriage of the Abhishek and Aishwarya, we can hope that the exclusive rights for their love stories are also sold in premium. All these are only wild imagination and at present it is very difficult to tell any thing.

More over there are many speculations about the feasibility of this marriage and will Aihwarya like Jaya Bachan becomes a good wife for the Bachan family? Everyone here is eager to know what will be next is this love story? So far we can only enjoy their marriage and hope for best in the future.

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Review- Movie “300”

By hearing 300, it is very difficult to imagine what is stored in this movie. However, this WARNER BROS Pictures film 300 has lot to offer. This film directed by the Zack Snyder reminds about a fight of 300 Spartans who showed the guts to fight an army which is very-very large than their size. There were over 1000000 solider in the army. From this simple fact we can imagine the bravery of these soldiers who fought and died for their nation. This fight had held back in 480 BC. It is even known today for the great sacrifice by these 300 people.

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The main hero of this story is King Leonidas who gave challenge to the invading King Persian King Xerxes with an army of more than 1000000 soldiers. Film “300” has successfully tried to highlight all these points. This film shows the great spirit of the Spartans. This movie provides a good insight on the living standards of that time and how for becoming a king in Sparta, a simple child goes through many hard lessens. The most important part of the film is great fighting sequence. It is really nice to see few people fighting against the very big rival.

There are many bloodiest scenes which are featured in this movie and for the fight lovers this movie provides a great watch. The take away point from this movie is courage and loyalty to the nation. Battle lasts for the three day with the death of thousands of the rival soldiers. This movie is a clearly a great example of extreme courage which is very rare to find. Great fighting skills which were used in the ancients are shown perfectly in this movie.

These kinds of the movies are good reminder for past glories and remind us of the great sacrifices done by the people in the history. Though King Leonidas and his most of men die in this war but still he become a great symbol of courage on whom today a whole film is dedicated. Overall this is good movie to watch which reminds us about the past glories and sacrifices. However there are few flaws which make this movie at few places like story looks some time shabby and difficult to understand.

Point- 6/10

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Final dates of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai Marriage

Finally dates of the Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai marriage are out in the media. Now both the big stars of the Indian film industry are going to marry on the 19th April. This marriage will be of three days from 18th to 20th April with all the marriage functions. Bachan and Ria family has also decided to complete all the marriage rituals like the other ordinary marriages. However the marriage is only restricted to few of the people who are near to the Bachan family and press is also not allowed to cover this marriage. The exclusive rights for the coverage of this marriage are given to a foreign media company.

The marriage will take place at the Bachan residence. Remaining guests and people from film industry can found a place in the marriage reception. Finally the most speculated marriage in India is going to happen on the 19 of next month. At present it is not clear that when the pictures and video of this marriage will be released, hopefully the media company, who bought the deal, will earn lot of money with this deal. Now the countdown for the most sot after Indian marriage has started, as with every passing day passion for the marriage will increase.

Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Read below for all the latest updates on the Abhishek and Aishwarya’s life.

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Abhishak and Aishwarya marriage on 20th Apirl

There are speculations in the media that Abhishak Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are going to tied in knot on 20th april. Moreover there is also news that marriage will most probably held in the Bachna’s house. This is really good news for the fans of both Abhishak and Aishwarya, who wants to see them in knot at the earliest.

After the engagement of the couple, people in India are eagerly waiting for the marriage. This marriage will definitely be going to be the one of the biggest marriage in the Indian history. However some people fear that due to security reasons Bachan and Rai families may shift for limited access marriage.

Most of the fans want to see this marriage happening in front of their eyes and not behind the closed doors. In coming times, we all can expect to see curtain rising over this situation. Both Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai are super star and therefore it will be very exciting for many of their fans to see them as husband and wife.

Moreover this marriage will remind us about the marriage of the Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bachan, both were the leading stars of their time when they married each other. We all can know look forward for the time when both couple become public after marriage. Now onward the coming time will be full of many more exciting news related to the couple. So get excited for the marriage and enjoy the fun, if may not be invited for the marriage.

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Review Book- "Women & Men in my Life" by Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh is one of best writers from India. Khushwant Singh is known for his bold, truthful and straight forward writing. He has written around 90 books with famous books like Train to Pakistan. He is also remembered for his work on the Sikh history. He is also said to be the creator of biggest controversies because of his straight forwardness and truth speaking attitude. He has written many things which have clashed with the others egos.

This book provides a great information on the inside lives of some known and lot of unknown men and women who created a great impression on the life of Khushwant Singh. Many people may argue that why they should read this book? Answer is simple truth that it is mostly impossible to look inside the lives of the other people. Moreover this book provides many small stories of the simple men and women like us. We can understand through this book that how our behavior affect others.

There are lots of people, who constantly come and go in our life. Some of them create a great impression on our memory that we never forget them. This book also helps us to remind some of our own stories which matter in our life. This is not a serious book but still it reveals many shortcomings of ordinary people. This book tells many untold stories of people, their pains, their joys and their problems.

Everyone can write a book like this but very few have the art like Khushwant Singh to describe the beauty of women and emotions in words. This book tells a story of the life journey and of the people who came and go from our lives in this journey. This book is a good simple read and definitely people who like to live in memories will like it. This book is first published in 1995 and has eight reprints so far. For all the Khushwhant Singh lovers this book is a good offer. This book provides a great insight on the life of the Khushwant Singh and about the men and women who have influenced him. This book is compiled and edited by Rohini Singh.

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A collection of self help articles

Below is collection of few of the self help articles which can help all us in finding the real purpose of the life and making it more worth of living. Articles cover various categories of emotions like fear, ego, smile and many more things.

1)We have power to improve ourselves
2)No one is perfect in this world
3)Truth is Courage
4)Accepting Death (It will come one day) 2
5)Need of Positive Attitude
6)Crossing our own limits
7)Some decisions which affect our life direction?
8)Who can forgive me?
9)Bondage of memories in our Life
10) Travelling Alone in Life
11) Handling Rude Comments (Criticism)
12)Power of prayers
13)When I accidently meet with Happiness
13)Power of Targets
14) Art of listening
15) Using Time Table
) What is the cost of Freedom?
) Fighting loneliness
18) Winners
19) What is Entrepreneurship?
20) Accepting Death (truth of nature)
21) Few examples of strong people
22) Role of emotions in life
23) How small we are?
24) Fear is not for me
25) Facing our Fears
26) A smile
27) Are you alone?
28) Ego-A big social Problem in India
29) Behavior Problem- Identity Conflict
30) Behavior Problem- Dominant Character
31) Do we fight for others?
32) A secret to success
33) When sometime we fail?
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35) Laziness
36) Comparison is one of greatest diseases
37) You are unique
38) Management Thoughts- Leadership
39) Frustrations- A social malice
40) Expectations
41) How to get the confidence back
42) Unknown Fears
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Every one among us wants to become a winner in life but very few individuals are really able to achieve this height. Winners are those people in life who achieve extraordinary heights in their respective fields and show an example in front of others. There are billions of the people living in this world but unfortunately the numbers of the winners is very less as compared to the whole population.

From this factor we can judge that how difficult it is to become a winner. For becoming a winner in life people are required to plan their life well and then work hard for the fulfillment of what is planned. In simple words we can easily divide this whole process in to different segments. First important thing is setting a goal which we feel that we can achieve it. Second is drawing the plan and line of action for achieving this goal.

Third and important point is hard work required for achieving this goal. If we follow all these steps with proper dedication then there is no doubt in ourselves winner. Most people have problem at the different levels. Some people have problem in the level of goal setting, others have problem in planning and remaining have problem in hard work. It is very prestigious to attain this position in this life because people can attain a great self peace and fulfillment by becoming the winners. Or we have the option to remain in the same miserable state and suffer in the same way.

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Changing love for cricket

After the defeat of India in this world from the hands of the Sri Lanka, whole of the Indian cricket fans are angry with the India cricket team. There are already many violent protests like throwing stones on the houses of the cricketers and burning their posters. Cricket fans around India are performing demonstration in their won ways. State polices have also increased the security around houses of the Indian players and trying to provide the maximum security around the houses to avoid any problem. The major reason this violent demonstration is defeat of India in the first round. People have the expectations that Indian cricket team can reach up to the level of the semifinals or even can provide a world cup win. However the results have gone very significantly against their hopes, Indian cricket team succumbed in the first round. In group matches, India only managed one win against Bermuda and two defeats from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Cricket is very large support base in India and people here treat this game more their lives. There are already small news about the heart attacks and suicide cases. Every news channels and news paper is only full with news related to cricket and how people are condemning Indian cricketers. Moreover the investors, who have invested heavily in this world cup and the Sony channel, will be major effectii of this outcome. The income from the rights from India provides a significant value to the ICC because Indian companies purchase lots of exclusive rights of the advertisements due to the popularity of the game in country.

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Losing shades of Indian Cricket

Pakistani cricket fans are not only the most disappointed fans in this world cup, now in this row Indian cricket fans have also joined them. Yesterday’s Indian cricket team defeat from the hands of the Sri lanka has spoiled the Indian hopes in this world cup. Both Indian and Pakistani cricket teams have provided all the critics wrong with the elimination in the first round. There were hopes in the both the nations that both Indian and Pakistani cricket will reach at least to the level of the quarter final. On the other side this is a good sign of performance by the teams of the Ireland and Bangladesh which have entered the next round. Indian cricket stars have certainly provided that they are only hero in the advertisements. Indian players were so busy in the advertisements that they do not have any time for the net practice for improving their game and therefore results are clear in front of us. Performance in the entire field is poor whether it is batting, fielding or bowling. With this defeat, dreams of the many Indians and Pakistanis have also shattered. Peoples in the both countries have performed various mass prayers for the win of their teams. However, with this one thing is clear that unfortunately god can not help the unprepared individuals. We can only hope that our teams will revive in the next few years to win back the next world cup.

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Black world cup

This cricket world will be known as a black world cup because of the murder of the Pakistani Coach Bob Woolmer. Few day back Coach Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in his room and rushed to the hospital. After reaching hospital, he was found dead. Initially there were speculation that the reason behind the death of the Bob Woolmer is work pressure and ailing condition of him. However Jamaica police confirmed that his death was not natural but he was murdered. So far police do not have any clear clue about the culprit but police is confident of finding the culprit soon. Now with the confirmation of murder of Bob Woolmer, speculation about the role of cricket mafia has surfaced. According to rough estimates, there is billion dollars of betting racket is continuing behind the scenes. Some concerns have also started arising about the security measures in the world cup. Cricket is a game in which billions of dollars worth investment is made by various industries because of the popularity of this game. In this situation, it is difficult to not consider the different possibilities. However one thing which is coming in front of us is that cricket corruption has reached deep down to the roots of the cricket. Now if we want to save the cricket from these wrong people and world authorities need to put some check on all these corruptions. Moreover they are required to take measures so that no one faces the fate like Bob Woolmer.

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Review- Namastey London-A definite Hit

First day of Namastey London received a massive response from the people, as all the shows are house full in Ludhiana. Moreover next three days are already advance booked and this demand for film may increase in future. First things without going any details, this is a must watch movie and must-must watch for all the Punjabi's because it is very sweet to listen Katrina Kaif pronouncing few Punjabi quotes. This is good romantic story which stresses many issues, points and situations which are affecting us in present time.Akshay Kumar acting is also fine and he has done a good touching acting in this movie. Director Vipul Amrutlal Shah will definitely be a happy man after the successful of his formula in Namastey London.

Watch Movie- Namastey London

A good side hero role is also played by the Jason Connery, a British actor, in this movie. This movie basically highlights the disparity between the cultures and how new generations are becoming revolting. Though this movie does not solve any problem but it certainly highlights them well. Story is about a father, Rishi Kapoor who lives in London and his daughter Katrina Kaif, who is born and brought up in London, finds it difficult to accept that she is an Indian. This film clearly shows the dilemma faced by Indian youths who are brought up in foreign culture. Katrina Kaif, an independent women, wants to marry British person, Jason Connery, her boss but her father, Rishi Kapoor, wants her to marry with an Indian man.

Here comes the entry of Akshay Kumar, a dassi Punjabi Jatt, who win back the heart of Katrina. This film is also full of many lighter moments which make to laugh regularly. This film also shows a positive relation between Indians and Pakistanis and how people from both the nation confront a same problem. Other characters are also lovely and provide a good entertainment. Music of the movie is fine and it is already a hit in the market. Moreover, all songs suite well in the movie and it look nice to watch them. Many beautiful locations of the London, Punjab and other places of the India are highlighted well in this movie.


Also visit for pictures and scenes.

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Pakistan's early exist from World Cup 2007

Defeat of the Pakistani Team in this world cup is great set back for not only the Pakistan team but for the whole Pakistan. Cricket has lot of acceptance in the Pakistan and people here in Pakistan are just made for the Cricket. Second Pakistan was never believed to be so weak that it will be out of the world cup in the group matches. Shock of the defeat of the Pakistan team was so strong that his coach Bob Woolmer died few hours after seeing the defeat of the Pakistan from the hands of non-test playing nation Ireland. Many people here in India are hoping for the India and Pakistan match. For many Pakistan teams fans this is time of great sorrow to see their going out of the world cup very early. Predicting about the cricket is not easy but this much of ups and downs are never predictable. For the Pakistan captain Inzamam it is very sad that his last world cup become a huge failure. Now Pakistan team needs to wait up to next world for removing this failure burden on them.

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Peoples Fight-Nandigram

Nandigram and Singur remind us about the power of the ordinary people. Last week death of innocent people from Nandigram fighting for their cause of protecting their land by the state police forced the West Bengal government to stop the land acquisition plan. This situation is indication of the changing behaviour of the people of India that they are no more going to allow the state governments to grab their lands. It is really a great shock to the West Bengal government’s industrialization plans.

Moreover both these issues have forced us to think again on displacing people from their native lands on the name of the industrialization or modernization. Nandigram fight is only fight fought by the people themselves which forced the state government to rethink on its plans. Earlier all the fights by the people are either silent protest or were very weak in nature. Unlike the Singur matter which is highly politicized by the regional parties for their benefit, Nandigram highlights the glory of the people from Nandigram itself.

This incidence of the Nandigram gives indication of the increasing revolt of the people against the wrong movies by the governments. Present generation of ordinary Indians is ready to fight for their cause to any level. In a democratic country like India we cannot allow such kind of the incidences to happen again. A true democratic country is one which truly represents its people. These matters of the Singur and Nandigram highlighted the fact that we cannot ignore the ordinary poor men of India living in villages and small town.

With the increasing population, reducing resources and pressure for the industrialization will definitely create more such situations like these in near future. Our governments need to clear their line of action before more such kind of the situations emerges in front of us. Government need to adopt more advance techniques of the acquisition which do not affect the people and industry also got place for it.

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Advantage (Benefits) of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the biggest advancements of medical science available in front of people which is helping millions of people across the world. There are lots of advantages associated with going for plastic surgeries. Moreover, today plastic surgery operations have become quite economical and many complex operations are possible. Below, people can read few of these advantages of plastic surgery.

1) It is very difficult to live a life with bad face, big nose, small breast or burned skin marks, however, plastic surgery can easily provide solutions for numbers of these problems.
2) People can easily add lot of edge to their beauty by providing pleasing and good shape to their face or other body parts through plastic surgery. Therefore, many big heroes and heroines go for plastic surgeries these days.
3) People can see Increase in their confidence levels due to good appearance after plastic surgery.
4) Plastic surgery can help in providing a desired and good look to oneself in this life time.
5) Plastic surgery can provide lot of help in decreasing effects of age or illness.
6) No more need to live a hidden or isolated life due to bad appearance.
7) Plastic surgery can help in surprising others with new good appearance.
8) Plastic surgery can help in taking control of life back in our hands.
9) Completing some impossible dreams like becoming a super model or heroine.
10) No more unhappy or forced life.
11) Putting claim on best things of life.
12) Finding a new and attractive person inside oneself.

( please note- These are just few observations and people need to remember that there are many other things in life which also play important role in life other than beauty. Therefore, going for plastic surgery alone will not provide much solution to their problems unless they work on other aspects too.)

Review- “Just Married”

Lots of people have great hopes from this movie. However after watching the movie expectation of many people will definitely shatter. I am not saying this very dull film. Overall this is an average one time watch able movie. Whole story moves around the two couple who are just married through the arrange marriage.

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This film basically tries to represent the situation of a woman who finds it difficult to adjust after the marriage. Isha Deol has shown a great role promising role in the movie and reminded the viewer her mother Hema Malini. Acting of the Fardeen Khan is simple but without any punch. There are many good emotional scenes which makes this movie interesting. However many times movie goes out of the topic and reality.

Film Miss lots of more movie masala and entertainment and slows down at lot of the places. People who are going to see this movie to some thing different will definitely be disheartened. There are three more couples in this movie who are also on honey. This movie tries to touch many issues but fails in explaining all of them perfectly. Film starts from the same point and ends also on the same point. If this movie has come thirty years back then there were chances that more people liking its concept.

Point- 4 out of 10

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Fear of the Shadows

Fear of the Shadows exists in this world from the time of the evolution of the mankind. In the beginning when human have n knowledge about the shadows then most they fear from it. Even today though we know that shadow is our own part but still in dark many times we even fear from shadow. Fears from the shadow when coincides with our other fears then we feel more fearful by sighting our own shadow. There are even few examples present in the old stories in which few people died by fear of their shadow. Mostly we do not fear from our shadow but when suddenly even our own shadow appears in front of us then we all feel afraid.

Neglected State of Yoga and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda are two great known arts present in India from the ancient times. According to the ancient stories there are saints lived for hundred of years only with the help of the Yoga and Ayurveda. However in the mean time we all have just forgotten about these sciences. After the independence of the India very less efforts are being done on the revivals of these old sciences. Long British rule over the India has forced us to forget about the old Indian traditions and follow the British culture. However we can not blame the British rule for all this because our successive governments also have done anything for the help of Ayurveda and Yoga. In present world tension has emerged as a big reason behind many illnesses which today surrounds the mankind. Yoga provides use with many useful techniques which are able to fight the tension and reliving the person. The main problem is that there are lakhs of people which are dieing every year due these problems and wisdom of our ancestors is lying unused. We all need to give some push to both Yoga and Ayurveda for the betterment of all the Indians.

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Will India win Cricket World Cup2007?

This question is very difficult to answer because we all inside from our heart want that India should win this cup but we also know that there are few teams which could upset the plans of Indian team. If we consider the recent performance of the Indian team then it is not easy to predict the win of the Indian cricket team. At present Indian team is full many strong players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and others. However the performance of all the players still holds a doubt.

It is very hard to predict that which player will perform well in this world cup because most of the players are out of the form. Though the batting of the Indian team has some depth but the bowling is still a debatable issue for the Indian cricket team. There are many issues which can affect the performance of the Indian cricket team in this world cup. In pool groups it looks easy win for the Indian cricket team as two other cricket teams Bangladesh and Bermuda are not strong enough to challenge India cricket team.

Only strong competition in this group will be given by the Sri Lanka Cricket team. The group match of India Vs Sri Lanka on March 23 will provide some excitement to Indian Cricket fans. There are lots of chances that India can come first in the group B ranking. For winning the cricket world cup 2007 the major hurdles in the path of Indian cricket team could be countries like South Africa, Australia and West Indies etc. There are lots of excitements which are ready for the Indian cricket fans in this cricket world cup. India will start its world cup journey with first match on 17 March with Bangladesh.

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Cricket fever

Cricket world Cup 2007 has knocked our doors. Cricket has always remained a matter of excitement in India. Every Indian remains almost mad for this game because may be of the reason that cricket is present in our blood. Cricket stars of India like Sachin Tendulkar , Rahul Dravid, Irfan Pathan, Saurav Ganguly are treated like gods in India. Here in India we can find the temples of the cricket stars.

Cricket players hold a great influence on the Indians or in simple words we can say that they rule on the Indian hearts. Cricket is the only game in India which has the potential of stopping all national activities. People here in India leave their every job for watching the excitement of the cricket. As the cricket world cup 2007 has just started from the yesterday therefore all the Indians are praying to the god for the victory of the Indian cricket team. Many prayers, yagnas and rituals are being performed by the people of the India for the victory of the Indian team.

People are organization various rallies and get-togethers for symbolizing the victory of the Indian team. In these efforts all Indians are together, it is very difficult to distinguish that who is more excited children, adult, male, female, and elderly? Cricket has the support of all the religions and castes, as the players in Indian team come from various backgrounds and castes. In simple words, we can even claim that cricket has helped in making India stronger. We all want that Indian team should win this Cricket world cup 2007 but we also know that we will go on loving this game if Indian team lose or win this cup.

Cricket World Cup 2007- First Win
Cricket World Cup 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007- First Win

Victory by54 run of the West Indies over the Pakistan in the first Cricket World Cup 2007 has displayed that West Indies is not going to lose this world cup at any cost. West has the proud of winning fist two Cricket world cups. However in the recent time West Indies was not able to put any impressive win in the world cup.

This time West Indies have the advantage of world cup being played in his home country. With this first win over Pakistan, one of the favorite team for the Cricket world cup, West Indies have showed its attentions. Other two members in the West Indies group are Zimbabwe and Ireland, which are not strong opponents.

With first win the chances of West Indies coming to the next super 8 level have brightened. At this time it is difficult to predict that which team will cricket world cup 2007 but West Indies could a favorites for this world cup. The main star of this West Indies win is all-rounder Dwayne Smith for his brilliant batting and bowling performance. He scored fast 32 run in the 15 bowls and took vital three wickets.

Summary:- West Indies- 241/9 (50 over) and Pakistan- 187 ( 47.2 over) all-out Man of the Match- Dwayne Smith

Cricket World Cup 2007
Cricket fever
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Cricket World Cup 2007

Cricket World Cup-2007 has just started today with the opening match of Pakistan and host West Indies. This time there are 16 cricketing nations participating in this game. The venue of this world is West Indies. This world cup started today on 13th march with first opening match between Pakistan and West Indies. The final match of this event will be played on 28th April. This time cricket world is full of more excitement and new rules. All the sixteen playing nation teams are being divided in to four groups of four teams. Top two teams from each group will play the super 8 from which top 4 teams will play the semifinal. This time people can find lot of exciting moments when some teams may be knocked out of the tournament.

Four groups are as following

Group A
1) Australia 2) South Africa 3) Scotland 4) Netherlands

Group B
1) India 2) Sri Lanka 3) Bangladesh 4) Bermuda

Group C
1) New Zealand 2) England 3) Kenya 4) Canada

Group D
1) Pakistan 2) West Indies 3) Zimbabwe 4) Ireland

Out of the 16 times above 10 are test playing nations and while 6 teams have only one day status.

On the win winning team will get 2 points and losing will get no point, while on the draw each team will get 1 point.

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Relationships and India

We all live in the world of relationships and especially in India relations hold a strong place in our life. In India we live in certain social values and customs. The main advantage of Indian relations is that here we give lot of importance to every relation. Every relation holds a great significance in the Indian culture. Relationships from the side of girl and boy each are given proper importance in our culture. People can see some glimpse on the relationships in India by attending an Indian marriage. Indian marriage provides a great display of relations. Today we are living in a world of fast life where people do not have any time for the relationships. Due to this many relationships and cultures are dieing in India. Our new generations need to give some attention on this fact and again help in reviving the relation culture in India. Relationships have always helped people in living a good life in our society. In India there is a great culture of helping people in the relations and therefore due to this tradition many people are able to come out of difficulties easily.

Increasing Violence

Increasing violence around us shows a great concern for most of the people. This violence is taking the life of many innocent people around the world. This violence has many root causes associated with it. Sometimes it is religious violence, sometimes it by the terrorists, sometimes it is by the state polices and sometimes due to regional issues. Even numbers of violence involving few people are very common. It is hard to imagine that who is not affected with this violence. Many times it becomes very hard to imagine that which place is safe for us. Terrorist can attack us any time or religious violence can destroy everything of us. Yesterday few soldiers of the Indian army killed five other fellow soldiers and a jeweller was killed by the robbers. Violence has found a stable place in our life, therefore it become very hard to imagine that this world is safe for us. We all need to create a positive atmosphere of healthy living for making a violence fee world. However the increasing violence is giving only hint that no efforts are being made in this direction.

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Where I fit in this world?

This world is a strange place to live for many people who want some thing different, new and simple. However most of world around us is full of same, old and complex things. The other factor which affects most of people is that it is difficult to pursue the reverse path. Most of us are only forced to pursue the same paths again and again.

Our societies have created few rules and philosophy and it want us to follow these rules only. Some people claim these rules and philosophies as religions, customs or beliefs. It is very difficult for an individual to create new custom and belief for himself. If some one tries to go against the world then he is either treated as a foolish or a saint.

A person is treated like mad if he is not able to persuade the world and if he convinces us then he become a saint. Societies or groups decide on the truth whereas individual holds no sayings. This is a strange world where we look on the others and follow them. We born here as simple, innocent and pure creatures but sadly we are pushed to become ugly, cruel and dirty.

Nobody in this world knows the truth of existence but still we are removing the existence of other creatures of this world on the name of religion, caste, greed and boundaries. There is hardly any difference between the humans and their skills around the world. But still we have so many religions, countries and customs. Unnecessary greed and routine is making all of just robots.

For most of the people in this world, only routine is to sleep, wake, work and again sleep. We are moving in a start line with no turn and no one here knows that where he is going. Some people feel very happy to accumulate huge wealth, precious things and power; however no one considers this single point that we have also behaved similar like the animals.

Every animal in his life also do all this things and animals also attain power, control and special places for them in group. We feel like human and superior creature because we have lot more things available to surprise ourselves. Only with great insight on the world and our life we can understand this difference and live life like real humans.

Indian Budget-2007 (A failure)

Many people in India have lot of hopes from this budget. There were expectations among the people especially in the middle class that Finance Minister P Chidambaram will provide them some relief. India is seeing a fast track progress in present time; therefore our finance minister is required to come up with some attractive measures which could encourage more trust among the individuals.

For tax payers finance ministers have marginally increased the exemption limit by 10000 whereas on the other hand increased the education surcharge on tax by the 1%. Overall there is not a significant help given by the FM to the Indian tax payers. The major point about this budget is that FM has not taken any solid measures for reducing the inflation or rising prices.

The bad point of this budget will be that now on the prices of eatables like grain, pulses, vegetable and meat will increase further. Only good point is that now on the electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, mobiles, fridge and AC will be cheaper by some extent. LPG, Kerosene and automobiles will be expensive in near future. If we give a look at this budget then this budget looks more favorable to the rich class and less or no beneficial to the middle and poor class.

Now on investing in shares and mutual funds will be more expensive. This may be the reason behind the debacle of share market by more than 500 points. The other negative point about this budget is that this budget is giving birth to double tax regime where people are giving multiple taxes on the single thing.

Our Finance Minister P Chidambaram lost this great opportunity to offer a good budget to the people. FM has assured many plans in his budgets for the help of the poor and privileged class and we all can only hope that money should reach in the right hands.

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Advancement in Medical science

Medical science has seen a real progress in recent past. Today many things are possible with the help of medical science which were like dream in recent past. Many people are living happy only due to advancement in modern medical science. Many big and critical operations can be performed today due to advancement in medical science, which were impossible few years back. Medical science has seen a big advancement in one segment and this segment is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is seeing a big advancement is present world. Many people around us are born with many physical problems.

Some people have marks on their face or body, some have large nose and some women may have small breast or male may have cheat like breast. Due to all these problems, people face many difficult situations in their lives. Many people due to these problems find it hard to live life with confidence. These people also feel rejections due to these problems. However now with the advancement is medical science it is possible to solve numbers of these problems. People around the world are getting rid of these problems with the help from various plastic surgery procedures. Many women around the world who have small breast are going through the Breast Augmentation procedures.

Overall, many solutions are available for our medical problems thanks to advancement in medical science. Not only in plastic surgery alone, medical science has done good progress in other field also like performing critical operations and transplants.
Due to these advancements in medical science, so far doctors are available to save lives of many patients. Today, big hospitals are using robots for performing critical operations because perfection of work increases many times by the use of these machines. Future still hold many more advancements for us in medical field which will definitely help people in near future.
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