Who will win Punjab Election 2007?-2

It is almost three months when I wrote Who will win Punjab Election Dated 30/10/2006, in the mean time we all have seen many changes in the Punjab politics. In my previous article, I predicted the victory for the Akali Dal and BJP combine with slight margin.

However, Congress was able to get some attention of the voters in the last few months with active campaigns like
Vikas Yatra Dated 30/11/2006. On the other hand, Akali Dal got some bad image with the start of pending cases against them and conviction of their star campaigner Navjyot Sidhu (read Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006).

At this point Congress Stared looking stronger; however with time and due to lack of active campaigns by the Congress, situations are presently favoring Akali Dal and BJP combine more. The popular campaigns started by the Akali Dal (read
Some popular Announcements Dated 03/01/2007) is helping in creating more positive and people friendly image for the Akali Dal BJP combine.

Second more or less people of Punjab are not satisfied with the work done by the Capt Amarinder Singh governement (read
Realities behind the Vikas Yatra Dated 18/01/2007). With this again Akali Dal and BJP combine becomes the main contender for the next Punjab Government.

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