In 2006 I am more rich

This New Year had some different stored for me. I am able to feel lot of emotions in last two days. I have never thought that people love me so much and they are so much concerned about me. I was living in Moradabad city of India for last two and half years. This city is 480 km away from my home town. Whole of the culture and environment of the city was different for me. This was first experience when I was going to live alone on my own. I had never done this before. I was grown up in a caring environment. My mother takes care of me lot. I had never had to look about anything. She took care of everything.

However this time the situation is different. I was going very far away where she could not help me. I decided to go there. I got house there and started working there. Initial time was a mixed time for me. I went through lot of up and down. There are lot of confusions are involved in which I did not known whom to trust. Many people whom I distrusted initially, I like them most now. My people from whom I have lot of expectations they left me alone in need. I learned the lessons of richness from poor. I learned how it is possible to rich inside when are not rich in terms of money.

I learned the lessons of sacrifice from them. I learned from how satisfactory it is to be helping others. I learned the mysterious experience of making some one happy on the cost of our own dreams. Toady in year 2006 I am richer then what I was in 2005. On the money terms there is no change. Today I do not have any extra money. However I am rich in terms of emotions and value of life. Today I have left all those people in Moradabad because I am being transferred to Ludhiana. However I will always remember the sacrifices of these people and love shown by them towards me.

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