Resemblance between a Woman and Mother Earth

In the last one week there are 136 mild earthquakes around the world. On hearing this one woman is replaying that how long the earth can sustain the wrong doings of man. This thing has to happen and more of this will also happen in near future. Man for his greed is exploiting her. He is extracted everything from her. Further she says that earth is always ready to give everything and she is doing it also. However all these things are required to be in limit?

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She said all these floods come only when the mother earth wants to weep. Her grief can not be as silent as a woman. She has more violent way to express it. Man is ruining all her wealth. Trees are also like her children; however we are killing them violently. We are dumping her with the garbage. We are producing more than required food from her still many of her sons slip without food. She does not difference between her sons. These are only some who are exploiting her.

She shakes with fears when she sees lot her son dying with out food, lot of her son are cut down for developments. Her shake is not small like a woman which is overtaken by man. When she shakes then no man on earth can stop her and we say them earthquakes. She further says earth is desperate grief like many woman. People are forgetting her identity like the woman. People are treating her as slave like the woman. We are taking her granted and not knowing we are slowly killing her.

In pain she will weep and shake like a woman, it is up to us how we see and realize it and how long we will continue to say it floods and quakes.

Request- Respect both mother earth and woman.
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