Corporate Look for Men & Women


Make up- Your makeup should complement your overall polished look and skintone. The subtle look is “in” for the corporate women.
Jewellery- Consider it to be the final touch that completes a professional wardrobe. Accessorise yourself as a businesswoman, not as a bride.
Nails- While making a presentation, your clients really don’t want to see unclean nails or garish nail polishes. Avoid

Suit- No green, pink, or red suits. Dress up by keeping your body-type in mind. Body odour is one major put off, so always keep a deodorant handy and smell good.
Hair- Haircuts should be neat and short. Avoid sliding your hands over and over again through the hair.
Accessories- Stylish, silk ties in various patterns can make all the difference. Also invest in good shoes and cufflinks. Wearing garish jewellery at work is non-acceptable.
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