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Patience is a major key for long term success

Patience is something which is mostly under estimated by many when it comes to becoming successful in life. Without patience, it is very hard to attain long lasting success in life. Patience is a property which enables a person to boldly face all difficulties in life with a hope to emerge winner soon. Sometimes, we are required to maintain our emotional balance in trying times and here patience helps us. When we will read life stories of most of big leaders of world then we will find that patience has always played major role in their life. Today, we live in a fast world where everyone wants success very fast. Therefore, people are forgetting this useful property of life. The higher patience how you have in life, the higher will be level of your success and simultaneously you will enjoy a peaceful life. Without patience, a long lasting success will never come and you will also wonder that why I failed in life.

All difficulties are as difficult as you think

It is common tendency of most of people to fear from facing difficult situations in life. Such people never emerge winners from these situations because they were already in great fear. Due to fear, they do not find enough energy and mental power to face these difficulties. On the other hand, people who do not fear from difficulties they emerge as winners while facing these difficulties. All this suggests that all difficulties in life are as difficult as we think they are. Mostly, we loss battle against difficulties in our mind even before staring a real fight and there is no chances of actually win. Fear is something which weakness a strong person. We are required to take control of habit of fear to win battle against these difficulties. Therefore, next times when you see a difficult situation in life then do not allow fear to enter in your life and face difficult situations boldly. Amazingly, you will need that your success rate has increased considerably. With positive outlook

It is equally important to give time to your kids

Many parents across the world fail to give enough time to their kids because of their busy lives and schedules. Due to this reason, kids feel neglected and they start hating jobs of their parents. Kids are mostly very innocent beings and it is not possible for them to understand this complex situation. They always wonder why their parents do not have any time for them.  They do not understand money and its need. It is important for parents to give as much as time to their kids as they can because this time is very important for every kid and every kid love to spend good amount of time with their parents. Time spend parents is very essential for the growth of children and it increases love bond between parents and kids.  There is a great enjoyment in playing with kids as they make you forget all worries and tension of life. Therefore do spare some times exclusively for your kids and I can bet you that your kids will love it.   

Shopping is an art

There is nothing wrong if I say that shopping is an art because many times many people spend lots of money on shopping still they do not good quality products in return. On the other hand, there are many people who spend reasonably less amount on shopping; however, become successful in buying good quality products. To take good shopping decisions, we are required to be shopping smart. We are required to first understand simple concept of shopping. Mostly shoppers and companies spend lots of money on advertising and under the influence of this advertising; we buy many products at higher rate which are not worth of buying. We are required to understand that what is said in advertisements may not be 100% true. Moreover, there can be many products in market which are better than products advertised on TV. We must learn some basic skills of bargain because it is your right to get some discount. Always choose a shopper which gives you discount and offers than a shopper which hides such

Writing from your heart makes you a good writer

It is dream of many writers to become a good writer; however, very less number of writers actually succeeds in it. The main reason of their failure lies in their inability to follow their heart. To become a good writer, you are required to follow your heart and write accordingly. Good writers do not write for others, they write for themselves. On the way, others start liking what they are writing. When writers try too hard to impress their readers then they miss main point of good writing.   If yours writing is not coming from your heart then it will not have depth to attract readers. Readers like to read again and again authors who write from their heart because they find great enjoyment and insight in these writings. Just with good command on English, you do not become a good writer; however, your depth of writing makes you a good writer. People remain interested in reading genuine stories which enrich their knowledge or challenge their emotions.  Writing is also not a tool

You can create great art with Photo editing software

Few days back, I was looking for a design; however, I have no idea that how I will create it? Then my wife told me about new features in Microsoft word 10. Still I needed more solutions to complete my art, so I got help of few other photo editing software and finally got the design I was looking for. Without photo editing software, it was near to impossible for me to create such stunning designs.  I was amazed to find so many options of design creation and photo editing with these software. I love free photo editing software photoscape because it has many unique features and it is very simple. You can do lot with it and it can be downloaded for free. Even simple solution like paint is very helpful when you want to give creative edge to your design.  Microsoft word 7 and 10 has many features which makes it very easy to add cool effects. Overall, I am very happy with output and want to thank creators of this software. Today, we need more simple solutions unlike photoshop which

To buy Best of Industrial Products

Every industrialist knows that it is very hard to smoothly run an industry because of constant demand of industrial products. Without proper supply of these products, many industries do not function at their maximum output thus causing great loses. To avoid such loses, it is important to get all supplies at time. Today, it has become easy to watch preview of all these supply products in 3D through options like cad library . On this site, people can find complete catalogue of industrial supply products. People can easily download these catalogs for free. People can easily look for free CAD download on this site to select right products.

Facebook for Marketing

Today, it is hard to find people in real world who are not on facbook. With billion odd users, facebook has become best option to reach millions of people. Therefore, facebook marketing is becoming very famous and many companies are spending millions of dollars on it. To facilitate people, facebook has launched facebook advertising.  Like Google Adsense, people can buy advertising on facebook by paying fee to facebook. Facebook boost such posts and links to relevant customers. Moreover, anyone can use free facebook marketing options like creating a fan page and group on facebook to connect with new people. With increasing popularity of facebook, it is very hard to underestimate its importance.  However, simultaneously there are some concerns about facebook advertising present with marketing experts who believe that facebook marketing may not be as relevant as other means of marketing. Despite all these concerns, one thing is clear that facebook marketing is gaining lots of popula

Ugly link of cricket and betting

Recent revelations by Delhi and Mumbai police on cricket and betting has shocked whole nation. How even a single bowl is fixed in cricket? Overall it is a great shock for cricket lovers who were following it like a religion. BCCI has today become a money making machine and it is no way concerned with the welfare of cricket. Cricketers are only used to make money and millions of common cricket fans are looted with tactics like betting. IPL was introduced as short version of cricket to make this game more interesting. However, IPL become first choice for betting and making millions of rupees through it. With this police investigation, we can hope some of these culprits will find place behind bars and it will clean cricket. Once cricket was known as gentleman’s game; however, today it has become game of betting. The biggest point of worry is involvement of many top officials of cricket in it. It now becomes duty of government of India to take all measures and insure clean environment

Difficulty in finding right shoes or shoes inserts

I still remember one situation where my cousin sister was not able to find perfect shoes of her size because she has super feet. She encountered this problem very often because she lives in a small town where not many shoe stores are available. Second these shoe stores do not have many options in super sizes. Recently, she was looking for superfeet inserts then she found a good site on superfeet shoes. She now regularly orders her shoes and shoe inserts from this site and she is very happy because she finds many options on this site. Online shopping has really emerged as great solution for her and similarly many people with superfeet are finding such sites a great gift.

Fight against corruption starts with single person

Today, we saw lots of hue and cry about corruption in society and protests against corruption have become very common. Mostly, we blame politicians, bureaucrats and big industrialists for corruption; however, in reality they are just small parts of corruption system. In reality, we all individuals are responsible behind corruption in present system.  To eradicate corruption, we are first required to understand that no corruption is big or small; therefore, you can not justify small corruptions on accounts that it is small one. Similarly, if you are not raising your voice against corruption then indirectly you are supporting it.  Therefore, to some extent we all are responsible behind corruption in our system. To remove corruption, we need to start from ourselves. We should first stop becoming part of small corruptions or encourage such corruptions to create a corruption free society. 

No one is perfect but everyone can become perfect

Heading of this post is telling many things and we can learn from this line “No one is perfect but everyone can become perfect”. We all human beings come to this world as imperfect beings and slowly learn new skills. Therefore, if today you are imperfect in something then do not worry because at some time even big personalities of world were in your category. However, with constant efforts you can improve yourself by learning new things and one day you will become a perfect being. This is constant journey of every human being from a Non perfect human being to perfect human being. However, the sad point is that many people fail to follow this simple and straight path. They never try to improve themselves and later wonder that why they are imperfect. They do not consider this point that everyone becomes perfect with constant actions. By seating at same place and by doing nothing, no one can achieve anything in life. So wake up and start improving your skills to become a perfect perso

We believe in God because we want him to complete our wishes

There is nothing wrong if we say that 99.9% of people believe in god because they want god to complete their wishes. From centuries, we are living with this concept that when we will pray to God then he will complete our wishes in return. Therefore, we all go to religious places for getting God’s blessing for good fortune.  If anyone tells people that God has no power to complete their wishes then most of these people will stop going to religious places. Today various Gods have become a medium to complete those wishes which are beyond human control. This is common story with all religions across the world where people do not give any importance to what is written in sacred books of these religions and they only want immediate gratification of their wishes.  Therefore we see a mad race of people to religious places to get their wishes fulfilled by deities. The main objective of all religions across the world is to educate people about spiritual knowledge stored in sacred

Beautiful Dance by Dadiji Video 2 on Himachali Folk song

Here is second video of beautiful dance by Dadiji on my Son's first birthday on Himachali folk song. This video is shot near Baijnath at my ancestral village. In this video, you can watch unique style of dancing by dadiji. This is second video in dance by dadiji series.

Drink lots of Water daily to remain healthy

Today, we live in a world where we do not give importance to simple techniques or methods available in front of us to remain healthy. We have almost forgotten about our age old therapies and home remedies. We are just running behind high cost treatments to live a healthy life. I am sharing with you a simple method of drinking water which can solve many of your health problems.  Today, one of major reasons of many health problems in individuals in their habit of drinking less amount of water. When we drink good amount of water daily then this water remove many of harmful impurities from our body and makes it healthy. Best method of water therapy is to drink water empty stomach.  One should drink 3-4 glasses of water empty stomach to get maximum benefit of water therapy. This simple water therapy is believed to cure many health problems. However, sadly we are conditioned to not think about simple methods. Therefore, we are unable to get benefits of such simple methods to remain happ

Running to fast without direction will not lead you anything

Today, major problem with large numbers of people is that they are living a restless life. They are just running fast to catch life; however, they do not know in which direction they are running. With this blind race, most of these people do not reach any where and catch mental and physical health problems. Here we are required to understand that life is not something to run fast; however, it is something to move forward with planning and firm steps. However, unfortunately we all have made our lives a race which we want to win at any cost. This madness is causing many problems to many people because they do not calculate side effects associated with this madness of fast life. Moreover, it is very important to give a good direction and motive to life; otherwise, we will go on moving in wrong directions and missing true destinations. All successful people first decide that in which direction they should move so that they can catch their goals fasts. After choosing a direction, they

Chanakya Thoughts in Hindi (Video Presentation)

Chanakya was one of greatest thinker of his times and his thinking is still very relevant. We can learn lot about Chanakya and his view from Chanakya Niti written by him. Below, you can watch video presentation of some of great sayings by Chanakya in the form of HD Video presentation. Any person can make his life a perfect by learning useful things from Chanakya Niti. This video presentation is available in Hindi.  

Your fears are keeping you down

Fear is one of the negative emotions which affect large numbers of people. We all encounter fear at some time in life; however, too much of fear is like a mental disease. There are many people who fear everything; therefore, they fail in everything in life. Fear is something which kills the person before the real threat arrives.  In many people, fear remains one of the major reasons behind their failure. It is near to impossible for any person to attain success in life if he can not control his fears. With the habit of fearing from everything, a person becomes very weak and fails in most of the struggles of life. To emerge as a winner in life, it is important for us to first win over our fears.  The main good point of fears is that 99.9% of our fears never become true; therefore, what is the logic of becoming fearful of small-small things. When you become fearful, you lose a battle before it starts. Any person can easily control his habit of fearing by changing his thought

Mental Cozenage is worse Physical Cozenage

Mostly we consider that physical pains are very bad however, in reality these are mental pains which are worse. We can know extent of a physical pain by examining it but it is near to impossible to measure depth of a mental pain. As per law, it is crime to give metal pain to someone but sadly, it is very difficult to see these pains. Therefore, many people who cause such pains go unpunished because it is hard to check claims of mental cozenage. Many psychologists and experts believe that mental cozenage is worse than physical cozenage because mental cozenage effects last for very long time. Many of such mental pains take form of different physical disorders if they remain for long time. It is very wrong to give mental cozenage to someone because it can cause much deeper harm to him with long term effects. We can remember many incidences from our past life in which we become victims of mental cozenage and how such incidences affected us physically and mentally. However, sad point

Don’t leave your work for Tomorrow

The major difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their approach towards important work. Successful people complete their important work as fast as they can whereas unsuccessful leave their work for tomorrow. In the way, unsuccessful people pile up lots of work for next day and finally fail in doing many of such works.  On the other hand, successful people always complete work first which is most important and they do it on time. Now it is your choice that in which category you want to fall in. With out completing work on time, it is near to impossible to attain success in life. All unsuccessful people remain highly tensed because of lots of pending work at their hands and mostly, they regret their laziness after everything is gone.  Therefore, it is good for us to understand importance of completing important work on time so that we should not miss it. Successful or unsuccessful is usually a choice which we all make with our habit of completing work. We wil

Importance of Facebook Fan Pages and Google Plus Pages

Today, social networks have become important part of our life and it is very difficult to underestimate their importance. As a website developer, it is near to impossible to ignore their importance because social networks like facebook and google plus can send millions of unique visitors to your sites.  The best way to get visitors from social networking sites like facebook and Google plus is to create fan pages of your sites on them. With time, numbers of people join these pages and they get all updates of your site on their social network. As your fan page become popular on these social networks so you start seeing increase in visitors sent by them to your sites. As per estimate, now 40% of visitors to any site are getting referred from social networks.  Therefore, it is very important to have presence of your site on social networks to gain many new visitors. Now time has gone when you can rely only on Google search for sending visitors to your site because Google search

2014 Loksabha Elections

Mid of next year, India will see 2014 Loksabha election and these elections will determine next government at centre. Today, every political party is making different claims about its win in these elections; however, it is very hard to predict real outcome because no one exactly knows that how common people will vote.  Present UPA government is surrounded with many corruption charges and therefore, these corruption charges will affect some of performance of UPA in these elections. However, the major problem is that no political party in India is corruption free and every party at different levels is involved in corruption. Therefore choices in front of people are very less and they can only choose between a corrupt and less corrupt party.  Despite all these facts, 2014 Loksabha elections are going to be very interesting because they will make new kings and queens in Indian politics. These elections will also determine that will Narindra Modi’s magic work or its Rahul Gandh

Corruption and involvement of Ministers

After so many years of independence, India has still not grown fully and one of the major reasons of this failure is high level of corruption in Indian political system. Today, Railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal gave resignation because of involvement of his nephew in alleged involvement in bribery case. Many such cases of Indian politicians directly or indirectly involved in corruption are very common.  From ministers at centre to ministers at states, there is huge list of politicians involved in corruption. If our politicians can become honest then India can progress greatly in many fields. Today, corruption is one of major reasons of Indians failure in many sectors. If we can remove corruption from our system then India can easily find place in top ten nations of world. However, unfortunately many Indian politicians are only using their power to make money. In future, we can put our expectations on new generation to give us corruption free government.   

Extreme Hot Wave in North India

Many parts of North India are presently facing extreme hot weather with temperature moving above 40 degree Celsius. Under such heat conditions, it has become very hard to go out of home at day time. Therefore, large numbers of people are avoiding going out at day time. It is common to see few numbers of people on road during day time. Only hope for people is from rain which can decrease temperature to some degree.  Three months of May, June and July remain extremely hot in Northern India ; therefore, people can not hope for much relief in near future. It is important to take numbers of precautions while going out at day time because people can suffer from sun burn or heat shock while facing direct sun. Many state governments in these states have declared holidays in school so that small children should not get affected with extreme heat. At end, I will say stay cool and stay inside to avoid extreme heat.