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A True inspirational Video Presentation for You

Here is a true and very inspiring video presentation for you which can provide you ultimate motivation. Generally, we give hundreds of reasons for being unsuccessful in life; however, on the other hand there are some people in society who have achieved great success in life despite all odds. If these people can achieve great success in life then why we can't attain same success. This video is wonderful example of great achievements of some great people of India.

Motivate yourself with this Motivational Video

Here is beautiful and best motivational video from movie "Any Given Sunday". Motivational is something which we sometimes fail to gather; therefore, watching such beautiful videos can really help us in boosting our moral. This is lot of learn from this speech and I hope that you will like it and feel more motivated after watching it. 

Monsoon and Road Accidents

Here looks to be some relationship between Monsoon season and increase in numbers of road accidents in India. One reason is very clear that roads become slippery in rainy season; therefore, many two wheeler owner land in accidents. Second reason is heavy rains which cause visibility problems and increases chances of accidents. Third reason is damaged roads because of heavy rains and water on roads. Therefore, it is very important to drive carefully in rainy season. However, many people do not give any thought to these points and drive very fast. Therefore, we see increase in numbers of road accidents in India during rainy season. It is important of people to drive carefully during monsoon season to avoid accidents and remain safe.

Watch Video Presentation of Best Quotes Ever Said

Here is beautiful presentation of best and inspiring quotes ever said by top leaders of world. Everyone can learn lot from these wise words and we can make our life more rich and fulfilled by following these words. This is a simple but great presentation and hopefully, you will like it.

So Now we do Video Calling

Thanks to first 3g and then to free services like fring, we can make almost free video calls to anyone around the world. Last month, most of 3g players in India reduced prices of 3g tariff by 75%; therefore, now everyone can enjoy benefit of 3g. Moreover, there are some hopes that 4g will get start in India by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year. However, at present 3g is making life very easy to many people like me. Now I am able to do quality video calls with excellent voice and video quality. Technology is really changing fast and it is making our life very easy. Video calling is benefit of this technology. Though, 3g is mostly available in cities and town of India and still a big 60% village population of India is away from this benefit. However, with time we can hope increase in coverage of 3g network to most parts of India. According to experts, 3g revolution comes very late in India but still it is better to be late than never. Other hurdle with many India

Watch HD Trailer of Movie STEP UP 4 Revolution 2012

Below you can watch Hollywood movie STEP UP 4 Revolution Trailer 2012 in HD. The main cast of movie includes Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman and Stephen Boss and it is directed by Scott Speer. In this movie, you can watch some of best dance stunts and step ups. This movie is presently running in various cinema halls across the world.


Below watch trailer of MADHUR BHANDARKAR's upcoming Hindi movie "HEROINE". According to news, in this movie people can watch real and behind the screen life of top heroines of Bollywood. Madhur Bhandarkar has always produced movie which are out of line; therefore, we can expect same from this movie. The main cast of movie includes Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda and Rakesh Bapat. This movie is expected to release across the world on September 21, 2012.

Watch New Hindi Movie Trailer Barfi

Below watch official HD Trailer of Ranbir Kapoor's forthcoming new Hindi Movie "Burfi". The main cast of movie is Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra And Ileana. This movie is expected to release on 14th September, 2012. This is very colour trailer of movie and after watching it, I can say that Burfi is a promising movie.

No Success is possible in Life without Hardwork

Mostly, people who remain unsuccessful through out in life are people who can not do hard work because Hard work is on key ingredient which you put in your success recipe to get success in life. Moreover, hard working is one habit which brings success to you sooner or later. However, it is hard to find people in world who can continually do hard work.  In general all human beings are lazy by nature and we all love to less hard work. But, in reality we need to do lots of hard work to bring success to our life. It is like a dream to achieve success in life when you can not do hard work. Every effort of hard work brings us much closer to our success.  But sadly, large numbers of people do not give any attention to this open secret. Moreover, there is no secret in hard work and any person can do hard work. However, we should first set our goals to achieve in life and then work in that direction with hard work.

It is very important to work on your priorities

In life, we all do have some priorities and we try to work according to them. However, numbers of times many people fail to work according to their priorities and fail in getting desired results. We can only get good results in life when we learn to totally focus on our priorities, otherwise we just waste lots of time in unnecessary things. This is common story of large numbers of ordinary people who always wonder that why they fail in life.  To be a success in life, we need to first respect time in hand and start working on priorities. If you are ignoring your priorities and wasting time on something else then you are cheating yourself. Mostly, people do not realize this mistake early; however, they only realize when they have no time left. So do not do the same mistake, instead start respecting your time. First clearly define your priorities and then start working on them. Very soon, you will realize benefit of all this and success will be at your feet.

Video presentation of Indian Idol’s Funniest Auditions

Below enjoy video presentation on some of funny auditions from famous reality show Indian idol. Some of these auditions were so much that you can watch them again and again to laugh many times. This presentation shows that how funny some people can be and how far people can go to attract attention. Every year, we see many such people doing funny acts whenever a new season of these come up.

Hopes of India from London Olympics

Many analysts believe that London Olympics are going to be best Olympics ever for India and Indian athletes will win many medals this time. There are many promising athletes from India in games like boxing, wrestling, Shooting, hockey, athletics etc. Yesterday, London Olympics started with lots of fun fare and with it our hopes of Indian athletes winning medals have become stronger. In next 10 days whole situation will become clear in front of us.  These matches are coming live on DD sports so all India sports fans can enjoy live coverage of Indian events and other sports events from London. At present, we can say all the best to our athletes so that they can perform best in Olympics. This time, we can hope for more than one gold medal for India because many top athletes are representing Indian team.  The biggest obstacle with many India athletes is that they find it hard to face big event pressure; however, recently many Indian athletes have performed very well on interna

Funny Video Presentation on Arranged Marriage (Funny)

Despite the popularity of Love marriages, arranged marriages are still a big reality in India. Many young people still find it hard to decide on this issue when it comes to marriage. Love marriages always fantasize many; though, most of Indian land on arranged marriages. Though now a new concept is on which is love cum arrange marriages where young generation tell their love feelings to their parents and parents arrange their wedding. Below you can find a nice presentation (slightly funny one) on arranged marriage.

Social Networks have become really Big

Today, it is very difficult to find people who do not know anything about social networks because one or another way these networks have become integral part of life. Billions of people around the world now use these mediums to socialize on internet. Popularity of these medium is very high with new generation which is finding it a great tool to increase their reach.  With time, their popularity is only increasing and everyone is joining this race. Today, if you are not on this journey then you are really missing a great fun. Though, it wrong to waste too much time on these sites and creating an imaginary world. Internet has totally revolutionized our way of socializing. It has given wings to people to expand their search and make as many friends as they can keep.  Social networks have also become great tool of marketing because many companies are finding them good tool to attract many potential buyers. For example, we can find a race on facebook to attract more numbers lik

Video Presentation of Rumi Poems

Rumi was a great mystic of his time and his words still true in present time. We can learn many valuable lessons of life by reading his poems and sayings. Below, I am adding a video presentation of Rumi's poems where you can see purity of thoughts and deep meaning of his words. I love his saying and I try to follow them in my daily life still I need to learn lot from him as he has so much to offer.

My Thoughts on Becoming a Parent

Entry of a child can make your life very interesting and happy. Same has happened with me. Six months back, I became father of a son and today, I spend and enjoy lots of time with him. He keeps me occupied so much with him that I hardly have any time for any worry or sadness. Even when I was feeling sad then his innocent actions and movements make me to forget all worries and start enjoying with him.  Truly, parents are most blessed beings on this earth because they witness wonder of life so closely. It is a great adventure and fun in itself to see a baby growing and becoming strong with time. Slowly, he becomes a part of your life and you find it very hard to think anything else expect him or her. This is a simple pleasure of life; however, many people miss it because of busy life. Small kids are very innocent beings and they do everything very innocently and you hardly get angry with them for their actions.  With him time moves so fast that these six months have passed a

Video Presentation of True Picture Birthday Cards

Below you can watch video presentation of true HD Birthday Cards. This can be an unique way to send birthday cards because these original pictures in HD add more physical touch to your feelings. Hopefully, you will like this presentation. You can easily send these original birthday cards to your near and dear ones by visiting the website and facebook fan page.

Trend for New Style of Jewelry

Thanks to globalization, we are seeing great fusion of many things to create new things. Same is applicable to jewelry where many new designs are becoming popular and they are reaching most of population of world. In present online world, we can buy anything from any part of world. Therefore, reach of people has increased quite considerably. Many new designs are becoming popular like pandora bracelet. Increasing prices of gold and other precious metals has forced people to think about other alternatives of jewelry which increasing look however cost less. This is new revolution in jewelry market which is giving birth to new experiments and new discoveries.

Time of Mobile Applications

Today, smart phones have become an integral part of our lives and because of many smart features offered by them. One of such smart feature of smart phones is billions of mobile applications. With the help of these applications, people can do millions of important jobs. From buying movie tickets to read books, there is something for everyone in this application world. These applications are slowly becoming very popular with some of them being downloaded for millions of times by users. Android is biggest market place of such application because it is most used mobile operating software in present world. If you have a smart phone then you can easily find some good applications for fun or work.

Breaking Relationships

Today, we live in a world of breaking relationships because large numbers of families are breaking apart. Joint families are slowly becoming a story of past and even single families are not strong enough to hold this pressure. Therefore, we are finding relationships breaking very fast in present society. One of main reason of this problem is increasing self ego of people.  People of present world are becoming more egocentric and they just want to fulfill their own desires only. It hardly matters to them that what is good for others. In the search of modern life, people are following the path of moving alone. This kind of approach is making present relationship structure very weak. Today, trust between people in any relationship has decreased considerably.  Everyone wants that others should work according to his convenience and to fulfill this object they go to any extent. People are finding relationships a cage where they loss all of their freedom; therefore, no one wants

Watch trailer of upcoming Hindi Movie Son of Sardaar

Below watch trailer of upcoming Hindi Movie “Son of Sardaar”. This movie is remake of Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna and it is directed by S. S. Rajamouli. The main cast of film includes Ajay Devgn, Juhi Chawla, Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha. This film is expected to release across world on 13 November 2012.

Only to Secure a Government Job

In India, we can find great desire in people to get a government job because these jobs provide a great sense of security. Therefore, we can see people waiting for years to get a government job. However, in recent times numbers of government jobs have reduced considerably. This love for government jobs have resulted in increase of corruption with many leaders and officer demanding lakhs of rupees for providing these jobs.  Many aspirants pay bribes in the tune of Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 50 lakh to get such jobs. Even a government job of peon attracts lakhs of aspirants and people become ready to pay lakhs of rupees to get these jobs. This is really strange situation is India which is increasing corruption too. Desiring and intelligent candidates mostly fail to get these seats because of high level of corruption whereas candidates with money power become successful. This system is taking our country in to wrong direction which is bad for all of us in long run.

Watch Trailer in HD Hindi Comedy Movie "JOKER"

Watch HD Trailer of Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi's coming Hindi Comedy movie "Joker". This film is written and directed by Shirish Kunder. This movie is expected to release across world on  August 31st, 2012. Joker is also Akshay Kumar's 100th film. By watching the trailer, this movie looks very promising.   

If you can’t find a work which you like then start liking what you do now

One of major issue with large numbers of people life is that they waste many years in the search of jobs or work which they like; however, mostly fail to find such jobs or works because every work starts boring them after some time. It is a common story of many people who run whole life behind false dreams and waste main purpose of their life.  On the other hand, smart people start liking what they do and soon they achieve great success in it. It is not necessary that we should do a big job to achieve a big success in life because many times a good work in a small job can attract great success for us. Why are you running here and there and wasting your life behind such things which may not have any existence. First, you should start believing in your self and start enjoying what you have. Success is some thing which will eventually knock your door.

What I Know is Right? Are you suffering from this disease?

Today, large numbers of people in our world suffer from this disease and it is their belief that what they know is right for everyone. Due to this foolish attitude they create many problems for themselves and others. Number of such people is increasing sharply in our society because of increasing ego in people. Earlier, people used to have much less ego as compared to today’s generation; therefore, they believed in listening more than talking more.  Today, we are seeing reverse of it with large numbers of people with highly inflated egos who believe that they are only right people. This is wrong for society because it has created hatred and divides in people. Everyone must know this fact that they can be wrong some times; therefore, it is not right to force their own beliefs on others. Let others do choose their own paths and make their own decisions. If we will allow this then we will help in creating a better society for all.  

To much interference of Parents

Mostly, it is believed that what parents says is right for their children; however, numbers of times it is found that parents interfere too much in their children’s life. Thus their children start feeling suffocation while living with their parents.  It is right of parents to guide their children and it is also important for children to listen to their parents. However, when anything crosses its limit then it becomes hard for any person to accept it. It is equally important for parents and children to work in direction to have good relationships with each other; otherwise, only tension increases in their relation.  It is important for parents to learn to leave free their children to take their own decisions because it is wrong to force every decision on them and one day they will revolt. This is happening in many families in India where relationships between parents and children have become very complex because of too much of interference on the part of parents. Today’s yo